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Welcome to my general topic which won't get almost any attention at all cause I'm very unpopular! Yay!

Here you can ask questions, while here, I can answer those questions, put photos of my cats and BTD5 related stuff, and give shoutouts! More yays!

First shoutout: @XiaoMiaoMi! Because I said so kay? Deal with it.
Um, first photo:

Feel free to ask any questions, or share some connections about Cat loving or BTD5.


Hi! I don't believe we've met! I'm Dude73, or Dudey, and I'm here anytime you need help! :smile:


Hai! Sorry I didn't respond, I usually only have a limited time before I have to put away my iPad so I don't get caught, but it's 10:39 pm here now so I don't have to worry! Oh, and I'm grounded lol.


That's completely fine, don't worry about it! :smile:


BTD5! yaAaSSSS!!

hyperventilates at being given a shoutout

You play BTD5, too?! Awesome? Do you happen to play BTD Battles?

I like the original game more than the battle spinoff. And congrats on beating that map!


Yeah I do :), I do prefer the original, but battles can be fun. And, it's castle, pretty much imo the hardest map cause you have basically nowhere to put 4-2 banana farms ;-;


Yep... I'm not good at playing on Castle at all; I pretty much avoid it at all costs.
Congrats on beating it on Impoppable... Kudos to you!

4-x Bloonchippers are crucial to late-game, if you ask me. Monkey Pirates are cheaper than First Strike Capability, but First Strikes are way more effective, since they can take down ZOMGs.

I'm a huge user of Apprentices and Villages. I've also experimented with Bloonjitsu-MIB Call For Arms, which turned out to be super-powerful until MOAB-classes arrived. Since the Bloonjitsus could pop lead with the upgrade, well, all non-MOAB class balloons suffered.
Apprentices are my way to go. Super Monkey Fan Clubs, paired with MIB Call For Arms, make a major bloon-destroying machine. Apprentices are my starting tower, though.

And then Battles comes and ruins everything. Because only three towers.
Apprentice-Buccaneer-Ninja. The Flash Bomb upgrade works perfectly with Dragon's Breath.

What's your main strategy?


What game is that? It seems fun!


It's Bloons Tower Defense 5, by NinjaKiwi. Also known as BTD5.

You can play it on, here:

I usually play it on the mobile app, but the mobile app costs money.
BTD Battles is free, though.


4-2 Banana Farms (2 or 4 in the middle)
Robo Monkeys (fill the whole map with em on the outside)
4-2 Sniper Monkeys (on the grass)
2-4 Sub Monkeys or Buccaneers (On the water)
4-2 Bloonchippers on extra spots, try to get Level IV on specialty building, so you don't have to spend extra monkey money on banana farmers.
And 4-2 Monkey village in the very middle (try to buy Bigger beacons, its super good)






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Why did you copy me? Weirdo


idk i thought it was cool or whatever


Mobile has better graphics anyways


Yeah, I agree.

My brother's a huge Glaive Lord user... What do you think of them? I've barely used them, but with the Jungle Drums boost, they seem to be doing quite a bit of damage...


Pft, glaive lords are at least better than blade maels...


Who even uses Blade Maelstorm...?

Glaive Lords have literally no MOAB popping power, this is literally one moab and I leaked like 7 not-broken ceramics with 4 Glaive Lords...
(Sandbox mode)

I guess they're alright for grouped bloons, but otherwise...


Ikr, glaive lords are sucky but maels are way worse


Maelstorms are for that one child who's a ninja-obsessed person and wants to do everything ninja-like.

I'm trying to incorporate more Technological Terrors into my strategy, and with that, more farms.