Kingdom Clash SUGGESTIONS! (You will be Credited!)


Hey everyone!
As you know (or don't) I've been working on kingdom clash in my spare time but I need help of what buildings I should have, what features there should be ect. If you could give me any suggestions that would be amazing!

PS: Anyone who contributes to this could end up in the credits!!!


This is on hopscotch right?


All I have so far...




Ok it will be awesome! Good luck! I don't know what you should add sorry


You should have adventure music! I can help you if you want.


Im looking for things to enhance the gameplay...


But definitely at the end!


Oh I don't know sorry


Having 3 types of currency, gold-wood-food is allot of work to code for.
If you just have gold it will be easier to work on.
You could start with a small barrack with 3 soldiers and have 3 trees that produce berries at random times which can be tapped to store as food.
Have an upgrade price next to barracks that increases the size of the barracks and max total of soldiers and speed they are produced.
Have an option to buy more trees and this will produce more berries.
Have miners that can be dragged around and they dig/look for gold that can be tapped to increase gold amount.
More suggestions later if you like these.


Love your recommendation! What would the berries be for?


I just mean have gold hidden around the screen that can only be found when the miners dig,touch the gold.
A suggestion for increasing the players gold instead of automatically slowly increasing like allot of games.
Make it more fun to search for the gold.
Berries to heal the soldiers or other units.