Kingdom Clash! (Opinions needed BAD!) *Game Demo*


Hey everyone!
So we officially decided to start on Kingdom clash and I'm going to need opinions from everyone! So this is the place where I would like to get them.

Thanks for everything!


First question:
What should I add/change to the title screen?

PS: It's horrible right now...


I think it looks cool but you could add things like

•castle emojis in the background to make it look like a kingdom

That's the only suggestion I have right now tbh


WERID i am making a multiplayer battle game on scratch! so i think the background should change colors!


Finished the title screen. How does it look?



Maybe add a sideways sword on the table?


Very good! Congrats! POTATO approves!


Nice job! :smile:


That would be cool, too!!


Great idea! Should it be hanging on the table?


Add transitions, get ride of the emojis and change them to somthing else, and yea.


Nevermind. I like the new start screen.


But add transitions to the screen.


I need opinions on what to add to the gameplay/graphics. I have the main setup, but it's pretty blank. Play it here:
and tell me what you think!



I need your guys opinion!


Opinions of destruction


Instead of emoji, I'd use text art :wink:


I agree with @LotsaPizza, but I think I like the layout of maybe something like different colored small circles as the "attackers".




On the title screen or gameplay?