King of the Hill Contest


I am starting a contest that is similar to the US elections. So, how this works is that anyone can sign up and be in the contest. I will ask contestants to make a project with a certain theme I decide, with a certain amount of points at stake. Then, there will be a discussion, followed by voting. Depending on whether it's a proportional or win-for-all depends on how many points you get. However, unlike the elections, whoever gets the least amount of points automatically is out. But, that doesn't mean you can't drop out on your own will :smile:.
Black Panther's-
Watermelo'n (:wink:)-
Lawn Gnome Association:
Rights for Chickens Association:
Rights for Giraffes Association:


I really want to join this!


How is this really related to hopscotch


@MobCraft I would like to enter!!!


I would like to join!


It is about making projects on hopscotch I think :wink:


@MobCraft can I enter this? Thanks!


@Phase_Admin, @UptownStudios, and @codingCupcake123: Join one of the two parties: Red or Blue
You can run as something else if you really want, however.


Can I be in the Watermelo'n Squadron?


Okay! You actually mean watermelon or what? Sorry for the many questions!


You forgot about me :pensive:


EDIT: Why was this flagged? EDIT: @MobCraft yes I meant to type it like that :wink:


I want to run as a third party: Black Panther


Can you say Black Panther as my party?


I find the video a bit inappropriate...


Sorry! Red or bluw or N/A?




Can I be blue please?


Can I join? I'd like to be in the New Anti-Anarchy Demoratic Monarchy Party.


I think there is red and blue...