Kindness spotters


So if u are one of the spotters for the kindess=points=prizes then come here to write who was kind. Write who was kind, what they were doing and how many points they should get.
What were they doing ?
How many points?

We will Have to do this until a leader can change it so ppl can edit the original topic.

Once u write down who was kind, I will then add their points to the original topic


Who? @KVJ
What were they doing ? Always being nice
How many points? 10


Just so u guys know, I might not always agree with how many points u wanna give


Can anyone make any good prizes? Games, backgrounds, websites?



If I can get on, I will. But if I start working on a draft, and Hopscotch stops working, can you finish for me?


What's the user and teh password?


Use this account for making the prizes. Don't publish them until ppl want them. U can make like 5 backgrounds but leave them as drafts. When someone pays for a background then u can publish one background and give them the link


Tell me when u want the account username and password so u can start making projects. Please follow the directions on the previous post

If I'm not on ,then @AwesomeNachos can tell u the user and pass as long as he deletes it once u like it and screenshot it


We need backgrounds, games and websites. Who knows how to make those things?


I know how to make all those things. But look at my previous post.


I gtg to dinner now. And I will try and finish ur drafts if needed but please try ur best


How do u get a title cause I want one that is like " be kind" or something like that. Or " kindness spotter" or " kind spotter" or " spotter"


Do u know the user and password for the spotters account? We will use the spotters account to make the prizes. ( backgrounds, games, music, websites)
You can start making stuff now. Let's say u make five backgrounds. You would keep them as drafts until someone spends their points for them. And then u would publish one background and give them the link. The other four would still be drafts