Yeah I saw that afterwards! Thanks to the awesome @Murphy1!


Great idea! Here´s a like!


Thank you!! Wanna be a spotter cause we need more help?


Wow great idea!
Quote this


@Ella_13 I can't be a spotter but can I help with the prizes?


Sure!! Except no one has bought any prizes yet. Do u wanna Compete in my Olympic contest also?

Link to Olympic contest --->

You can help with prizes when ppl buy prizes


I'll join your Olympic contest!


Ok fill out the form please



This is a great topic because your recognising people that are doing kind things


Thanks, you wanna join my Olympic contest?


Sure I'll join :blush::blush::blush:


Here's the link @WinningMonkey!


Do you have to sign up to earn points? It says I won points, but I never signed up. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


I don't think you need to cuz I got points and never signed up


I am too busy with other stuff, school starts soon and I will be at a day camp this week. Sorry!


Can I join this? It sounds fun!


Wait is this still going on?


If anyone's looking to do something nice... There are tons of hops in need of support and you can make a project dedicated to them! It would be super awesome if you could come cheer someone up :slight_smile:


Awesome idea!!!