So this topic is what the title sounds like. Doing acts of kindness earns you points which earns you prizes

I know there is another topic like this but it hasn't been active but credit to @Anonymous

So everyone starts out as kindness but u have to use points to be able to go in the kindness lounge( HS account) after kindness is super kindness. After super kind is kindness mod

Ppl who have earned points:
@KVJ - 14 points
@Intellection74- 5 points
@happyfacegirl- 3 points
@thebestest - 3 points
@Snoopy- 4 points
@Niftynia75- 4 points
Super kindness:

Kindness mods:

5 points- gif profile pic
10 points- drawing
15 points- access to kindness lounge
20 points- Crossy road game
25 points- background
30 points-scrollable website
40 points- promoted to super kindness and granted access to super kindness lounge
75 points- promoted to kindness mod

How do u earn points?
U earn points if me or one of the spotters sees u doing something kind. ( 1 pt) Also, someone can come and Fill out the form saying they saw bob (making up a name) doing something kind. (1 pt) you can also earn points by answering the Question I might post on the forum ( ex. What is kindness in your words?) (1 pt)

To be a spotter you must fill out the form ( see below). When a spotter spots someone doing something kind, go to the spotter topic. Just write a reply saying their name and how many points were awarded. I will then add it to the list on this topic ( we will have to do that until we get the leader to make it so ppl can edit this post) I will add it to the people awarded points area. If u are a spotter then u can't recover points only give

Spotter form:
What is kindness in ur words?
How active are you?
Do u know how to judge how kind someone is?

So when you are awarded a point, you are kindness. Kindness will get access to the kindness lounge once they have enough points
Super kindness: you get honor and u get access to the super kindness lounge ( HS account)
Kindness mod: you get access to the kindness mod lounge. You are very honored. You are in charge of checking in on the other lounges to make sure everybody is kind

Please read the whole post

If u have 5 points and u spend 5 points then u go back to 0.

If u want to spend points then you have to announce it on this topic Ex. I am going to spend 5 points
I will then have to minus 5 points from ur total points

Spotters, please help with some of the prizes like backgrounds and websites

Amount of points differs between how kind the act was ( was it just a complement or is the person always nice?)

Once u r tagged please come and visit to see how many points u have because u might wanna buy stuff

If you aren't a spotter but you seem someone doing something kind then you must fill out the form below so they can get points

Who was kind?
What did they do?
Who were they kind to?

Lounge: once you have access to a lounge, you will have fun but there are rules. You can publish projects that have to do with kindness. You don't need permission as long as u r publishing something about kindness. You may chat on their with the other ppl in ur lounge. No changing the user. Mods will check on the lounge


Huh? Gif profile picture? Don't we already get that


Can I help?


I also have a idea: maybe make it so the person who saw you being kind would fill out a form


Huh? It's like a prize. I know u can get A gif profile pick if u wanted. I will make u one though if u spend points


Ok. Great idea? Want to be a spotter ?


I want to be a spotter!


If u want to help and be a spotter then please fill out the form


You will make one for us?

Sure I will be a spotter


Ok so basically I'll give u an example. So bob has 5 points. He decides that he wants a gif profile pic. So he than announces , " I'm buying a gif profile pic" then one of the spotters will make a gif profile picand give it to bob. Now bob is down to 0 points


Cool topic! It will encourage people to do kind things!




This is the topic where you write where you found kind ppl.

You can start looking for kind ppl now

Note I'm going to eat soon and I might not be on until later so I won't be able to add the kind ppl ( and points) to the list until later


3 more spots for spotters

Do u Like the topic?


Question: what is kindness in ur own words?

Answering this gets u 1 point.

U will not receive ur point until later as I am going to dinner but please answer now


Kindness is something that makes the world a better place.


Great topic! :smiley:


Woah I got points already?
Thanks so much @Ella_13!!


A spotter gave u points cause ur always nice


Thank you!! Ur getting points