Kindness is Key Group Starting


Hey guys i wanted to make a group called Kindness is Key :key2:! In this group we will be picking nice people that are showing kindness and giving them a prize like art,code,websites,logos,ect!

Drawers (needed)
Coders (needed)

Pixel art (needed)

Website (needed)

Logos (needed)


Can I be a drawer?


Sure thing just start to pick people to do!


This will be my person tag list thing 4 who I am going to draw.
@BellaWafflez17 is the person I am going to do a drawing for. Cuz she is nice and she is awesome.


Ok next time don't tag them then it won't be a secret!


Can I be a drawer?


yep dgstrghhhdgfyhfujufkfu


I'll do website. Or drawing. Or both.


Sounds nice!

I'm too busy to join right now, schoolwork and stuff is my focus right now, but this is a great idea :D

I fixed a typo in the title for you :3


Can I tag them when I give it to them?