Kindness collab



Hi, so…I’m gonna start a collab. The members will code encouraging projects (quotes, hug, shout-outs etc.). In addition, the members can spam like. It will be called Misericordiam (the Latin word for kindness according to google translate). So, if you want to join, fill out this form:
HS username:
Will you be kind to everyone?:



Okay, I already know what you code on HS so I’m not gonna have to check your profile XD

You’re in


Official list of members:


Thanks. I don’t code too much anymore
Oh and another coding account was a collab with my cousin called holiday codes


Okay, you’re in…I think I’ve seen your code anyways.

When I went to make this, I was going to check everyone’s profile, but I already know most of these people on HS XD


So, when do we start?


Uh…good question. Maybe tomorrow or Sunday?


Ok! so have you made the account and if yes,
what’s the password


Nope, I haven’t. I got this idea randomly



I know I’ve only published one low quality project but I can do better stuff!


I usually draw on Hopscotch, but I really enjoy coding and would love to code more on the collab! I like coding quotes (even though I’ve only done it like once lol), so maybe I could try coding another quote if I make it into the collab!


Are we making quotes and games? Or something else?


I hope this collaboration will give some motivation to make more projects. i’ll try not to fail

^ like DMF said i'll be kind to everyone but it depends on them


@HorseLover347, @DMF, @Autumn_Leaves, @Fizzy27, @ReadingSlayer, you guys are in. And you don’t have to tell me details about your account…I follow all of you (or I think I do)


whats the account gonna be called?


I’m not getting into this, am I?


Hm, well, do you think you can at least respect those who are not nice?