Kindness and Anti-Flame War School! [Closed because I don't wanna bother with it)


Welcome to the Hopscotch School of Kindess! There have been some tricky flame wars, and this is a place where you can learn to avoid them.
I am principal of this school, but I will need a vice-president to help me manage it and a few teachers; one to teach students in EST Time, and one for Central Time. There will possibly be assistants as well.
Classes will be on Saturdays at different times for different students in different time zones. In the classes you wil learn how to be nice and spread postitivity.
The teacher of a class will tag all their students in one post with that day's lesson.


Clubs and how they work

I, as principal, deem two school clubs already started up: Compliment Club and the Liking Club. These are school-operated clubs who nobody is leader of.
However, you may start your own club that relates to the topic taught at this school, and be leader of it.
Any students here may ask to join a club. The Compliment Club is pretty much what it sounds like: giving people on the forum out of the blue compliments to make their day!
And the Liking Club spam likes accounts on Hopscotch.

homework and grading

At the end of class, your teacher may choose to give you a homework assignment. They will specify on a project you need to make. The project will be due a week from then. At class that day, you will need to turn in your homework by way of providing a link.
Your teacher will decide what grade you get on it and combine that with your behavior in class as well as in other situations on the forum (like being involved in a flame war) to give you your weekly grade.
If you are absent on a day where you must turn in homework, tag your teacher on a post with the link.


If you are, for some reason, unable to attend class, you must tell me why the next time you get a chance. I will choose if your absence is to be excused or unexcused. And unexcused absence can affect your weekly grade.

Becoming a Student

Surprisingly, there is no form for this! You just have to ask to enroll and I'll probably accept you! I would appreciate you explaining your reasons for wanting to join, however.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Politeness Teacher: @tankt2016 - EST Time
How to Stay Postitive Teacher: @Dude73 - Central Time

@Sensei_Coder- Central Time
@Ella_13- EST Time


tag list



Can I join this school? Great idea! :D


Thank you! And yes you can join.
My first student! :tada:


How about you just put it all in one post and ask the students to read it by tagging them on the post? Because it will get quite annoying if the lesson goes on at like 1:00 A.M. in one time zone, and 10:00 A.M. in another. Including the reading through the whole topic thing. Then they'll learn less.
Some will learn more, while others will learn less, if it isn't in one post. See my point? It wouldn't be fair.

I'll be a teacher. Politeness.


Yep, I see your point and I think that's smart! Yes, you can be a teacher. I will change how classes work.


What time zone are you and @tankt2016 in?


I'm in Central, and I think tankt is Eastern!


Okay, so class will start for you as soon as I find a Central teacher.


Maybe ask @Dude73, I know she's in Central!


Okay. @Dude73? Do you wanna teach a class here?


@tankt2016, what time would you like your class to be? I'd suggest a reasonable time for all people in Eastern Time, of course!


I'll post it during school hours when I'm bored, usually. School is out for me, and I can tag the students.
I'll probably post it around 10:00 A.M.


Okay! So, what time is it for you in your time zone this exact moment? (Precisely 9:59 for me!)


11:00. As of 11:00 Eastern Time. Now 11:01.


Okay! So you'll begin posting your lessons next Saturday?


Probably this coming Monday.

Also, I probably won't be posting from August 7–August 13. Our birthday is in the middle of there, beach trip…


Okay. I'll find a substitute for you, as long as you can tell them what lessons to do.


Any teachers? I need teachers, peeps!


DancingLollipop is in my time zone, in Massacheusetts.
Try asking her? Maybe HappyPerson could fill in.

Well, anyway, you don't need this substitute for a month and a half.

You could forget about it for now. Besides, I'll be sure to make a topic.

I also will be in Florida for vacation from September 11–September 17.

The substitute will be needed then.