Kind Words of Thankfulness for you guys and The Hopscotch Team



How am I not a cool dawg nobody mentions me unless I am in the OMTL- well, it doesn't matter, XD. Hey, everyone!! You guys are so nice to me, so I should be nice to you. I'm thankful for everyone who has been my fren ever since I joined hopscotch. I know this is late, but whatever. You guys are some of the BEST people in the world. I'm not leaving, I'm just saying how thankful I am for Hopscotch and everyone on it that maybe I don't know, but are nice to everyone with their kind heart. Someday I will be like you guys, nice and kind-hearted. I'm trying to work my way up there. Thanks for all the feedback you guys have given me- on drawings, games and whatnot. Thanks guys, for everything!! I hope you guys are thankful for everything Hopscotch, too, because I know I am! You guys have been there for everyone, including me, and I am very thankful for that. Thanks to everyone, even if you are rude. Everyone deserves respect.


Hiii! You are great! Good topic and message :grinning::smile:


Here is the list!!! Look at the first post to see why I tagged you!! ( the message is to everyone, not singular Peepos)

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Thanks! Peepos like you are the reason I made this topic to thank them!!


I was summoned :000

@KVJ first XD


You are awesome dude!

And you are a cool dawg! Don't be hard on yourself!







Firdt reply to the tag list though xD


You're awesome, too! I'm not trying to be hard on myself- I was joking about not being tagged XD-but anyways, thanks! You are so amazing! There are Peepos in the world that are trying to be just like you! Everyone is a role model, even if they can't see it!


First like though on the tag list.
Get Komplekt m8.


Yes but im busy doing work so


Yes, I'm pretty sure I'm a good role model! Everyone is!


Thanks,KVJ for being so funny and kind! You have a great sense of humor, and we respect that. Peepos want to try and be funny and kind, just like you! And thanks for being my fren, and liking pretty much everything I post. XD


@KVJ is da best! He is so funny!


Thanks, Candycane for being yourself! You work hard to become the best person you can be. Your kind heart makes me want to puke rainbows of happiness. XD anyway, even when you feel like you will explode into kitties, you never forget anything kind you have done and Peepos that have been knid to you. (If you don't get the point, here it is XD) you are amazing, like everyone else, who may want to be like you someday. And who knows- maybe you will leave a legacy like MagmaPOP!


;o; ;u; omg thanks so much!!

Never forget your awesomeness please :smiley:




^^ @Candycane

Lol, puke


Wow, you're so kind to make this topic! You genuinely have a good heart, and we can learn a lot from you!