Keyboard Input Inside Projects


I’m going to keep this short because it’s pretty self explanatory, but I’m suggesting the ability to use the keyboard inside projects, to set things like Variables. This would enable great customisation in projects.


Are you saying to assign letters or words to variables?


Yes. This would make a lot more things possible.


It would be. Now, you have to do it the hard way.
“If [variable]=1:
Set text (cow)
If [variable]=2:
Set text (fish)
Set text (cat)”


Yeah. That’s really annoying though if you have to do it in bulk.


That’s the way of code


Yeah, that would be really cool! Lists would also be cool to have implemented. Both of these things are found in many programming languages like Python.


cough use scratch cough cough


For me, I prefer Hopscotch over Scratch. I think that the interface is better and than the community is way better than on Scratch.


Sure, but Hopscotch lacks the versatility and adaptability of Scratch, and Scratch can be use for a larger range of skill levels.