Ketchup needs help with her drawing pad before sotwk 6

Project link:

What is happening in the project, and what do you want to happen instead?
I’ve recently been trying to update my drawing pad to encompass more colors, in the form of a pop up that appears once to click certain text, but so that the users drawing isn’t ruined by those annoying little dots that’ll appear on the screen due to the pen, I need to disable it. I’ve tried using variables but it’s glitching my pen in ways I don’t like. I’ll be able to sort the rest out but how do I fix my pen ;-;
Screenshots of code:

so far the pen should be working by default but when I change the variable “Hoh” to 1 for instance, the pen should no longer work. I tried to fix this problem by adding a square that encompasses all of the screen except for the panel where you choose your colours but that just creates more problems.

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How do i open the popup


There is no pop up yet, but when the value “Hoh” is changed to 1, the screen should get darker




Looking at it, I can already see you have way too many repeat forever blocks.

Remember, Repeat Forever blocks will never ever end and will loop forever. so if a check was done before the loop, it will never be checked again.

What I have done is checked if an object is being pressed rather than the entire screen. Then for changing the color, I made a little window pop up in front of the canvas…)


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