Ken's AMA (Ask Me Anything)



Ask me anything! From Hopscotch projects to hobbies, ask me anything! (Except for personal stuff, if you asked that, I will flag your post, sorry lel)

I'll be trying to answer your questions ASAP.

Friendly Mass Tag List



Have you ever walked out of likes (on the forum)? :D

Random question. XD

Also, awesome profile picture!


What's your favorite style of coding?


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Yes. And I hate it (xD)

Thanks! Like yours too :smiley:


My favorite style of coding is coding games and drawings. (Is that good?)


I have too many favorite parts about Hopscotch, but my favorite part about Hopscotch is that you can share projects to each other.


Have you ever been featured?

What is your favourite hopscotch character?


Yes, by this time, I have 4 features (Finger Trigger, Astral: Pace, Earth and Platform: Dodge).

My favorite hopscotch character is Star Girl (because she always smiles) [I'm a boy btw]


10th liker!


What is better forum or hopscocth?

P.s please don't use the tag list in q and a's!


What? You're allowed to use tag lists whenever you want as long as you don't spam them.


IMO Hopscotch is better because you can chat too in the HS app (which is I think not allowed)


OH hey I just saw you post your scrollable Minecraft thing! It's awesome!


What is your favorite project? Do you know anyone on Hopscotch? If so, what are their Usernames? How many times have you been on Featured, Rising, and Trending?


Do you think drawing should be aloud on hopscotch?
(I do! xD)


For me, it's okay but I think it must not be always.


My favorite project was Kaleidocosmos (did I spell that right?), ??? (I don't understand that question. Do you mean "Do you know anyone on Hopscotch and in real life too?), I am featured 4 times and I think no Trending and Rising.


gonna bomb you xD

Alright, what is your favorite project?
What is your favorite character on Harry Potter?
Who plays Batman?
How was your day?
Do you have any pets?
Why do you want to do this Q&A or AMA?
Do you like milkshakes?
Who is your favorite character?
Batman or Superman?
Do you like singing?
What do you want to be when you get older?
Who is your favorite Hopscotcher?
What is your favorite project made by you?
Do you play the piano?
Do you play any musical instrument?
Do you Hopscotchify any music?
What is your favorite block?
Do you like sports?
What is your favorite book?
Do you like Hopscotching?
Do you like the community?
How many stars would you give Hopscotch?
Who do you follow?
What kind of projects do you like?
How, in your opinion, would a Hopscotcher be follow-worthy?
Is this list long?
What is your favorite movie?
What is your favorite video game?
Do you like video games?
What is your favorite meal?
Do you like polls?
Do you liked being tagged?
Do you like the forum?
How many stars would you give Hopscotch and the Forum overall?
Can you answer any more questions?
Do you like coding?
What projects, in Your opinion, are like-worthy?
Are you friendly?
Are your hands tired?
Do you think this is the end?
What is your favorite number?
Guess how long this took me to write!
How many drafts do you have?
Which one is most complete?
Do you have any ideas for projects?
How did you find Hopscotch?
On a scale of 1-10, how well do you think you are at coding?
Are you on the Friendly Mass Tag List?
If you could, would you add your voice to projects?
What is your like record?
How many features?
Are you still reading this?
How many likes do have on your first project?
What is the meaning of life to you?
Do you play minecraft?
How awesome are blue penguins?
How awesome are rainbow penguins?
How cute are penguins?
How cute are cats?
What is your favorite game you've coded in Hopscotch?
Do you think those questions were Hopscotch related?
Who are your hopscotch friends?
Have you made an animal related project?
How many people do you follow?
Have you mad a Potato related project?
what would you rate hopscotch outta 10000000000000

  1. Kaleidocosmos (I don't remember who made it)
  2. I don't like Harry Potter
  3. I don't watch Batman either
  4. It was good as Sans'
  5. No
  6. Because why not (I want people to learn info about me)
  7. Definitely (in Temmie's accent)
  8. In Hopscotch? I would say Star Girl
  9. Neither
  10. Yep (Sans' voice)
  11. To be a game maker
  12. Can't choose between @Kiwicute2016 and @Dude73
  13. My Earth project!
  14. No
  15. No
  16. No
  17. Command Block (xD) [There are no blocks in Hopscotch so xD]
  18. Yes
  19. I don't read books
  20. Definitely (Temmieeeeeeeeeeee)
  21. Citing 20
  22. I r8 8/8 m8
  23. I'd rather not say it xD (I'm just tired to put all)
  24. Games
  25. When he/she is friendly(?)
  26. Citing 20 (And I have to do this before I sleep)
  27. Inside Out (pls don't sue me Disney)
  28. Meinkreft
  29. Yes
  30. Fried Chicken
  • No
  • Nah


  1. Yep (Sans)
  2. ^
  3. I r8 8/8 m8
  4. Nope
  5. ?????
  6. Yes
  7. Yes
  8. Yes
  9. Yes (No jk it's 8)
  10. Over 9000 seconds
  11. Over 9000
  12. ?????
  13. No
  14. I looked in the App Store (xD no offense)
  15. 11
  16. No
  17. Over 9000 (jk I don't remember so look at my favorites section because I always like my features)
  18. 5
  19. Ofc
  20. I don't remember so..... Over 9000
  21. 42 (that is not a citation)
  22. Yes
  23. 8/8
  24. 8/8
  25. 8/8
  26. 8/8
  27. ?????
  28. Nope
  29. ?????
  30. Nope
  31. Idk but I think just 5-8
  32. Nope
  33. Over 90000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

@crazygoat maybe you should add the question "Do you think you answered all the questions" at the end