Keep Liking, tagging, and replying!



Like I said in the title "Keep liking, tagging, and replying" It makes me so excided when I see a little number in the corner of my profile picture. Some people may not like it but I do. I love seeing what people have to say about my posts, I get super excided when I'm tagged, and it's just nice to get a like. Don't tag for no reason or like posts you don't really like or just reply for no reason, but just keep looking for good posts to like or reply to. It makes some people happy!


Ya It makes me really happy too!


It really makes the hopscotchers happy that don't really get noticed in HS.

KEEP IT UP GUYS! :grinning:


I want to like everything here, but I ran out of likes. :cry:


I love it even if someone knows the origin of my username. Liking is okay. replying is better and tagging is somewhat great.


Yes. Agreed. Here is a like, since I ran out :heart:
(Hey, I still replied)


It makes some people happy so

Keep Liking, Tagging, and Replying!


Yeah! And spread smiles. :smile: