Keep HS romance free?


Ok. Panthera here. Sorry for creating so many topic, but this is important.
So one of my alts, Keep HS romance free, has come under fire because I’m trying to steer it back towards coding.

All I’m saying is that I want the romance on HS gone and mo more infaturation triangles.

Here’s a link to the account so you can see what I’ve been posting.

I don’t think this is a reason for people to hate me, but it’s turning into one.
Do you agree with my goal?

  • Yea
  • Nay

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I’m letting people find this topic themselves because I don’t know how the omtl would react to being tagged for this.


If any of you guys want to help, the password is the spanish word for red.


Dude I don’t know Spanish

And don’t you have this’ll whole group dedicated to stopping what you just did?


? What do you mean?


That whole “GHHA” thing


Oh. That is more for taking down passwords. I don’t use it now anyways.


I don’t know Spanish…


But I agree. Keep hs romance free!


Password is rojo.


Is that even Spanish?




Whoopie just checked google translate


Hehe, I would say that I agree with you, but I have a crush on the forum…


red in español (Spanish) is rojo




I’ve never really seen any romance on hs except for the c rose thing but I mean that is gone, but yeah I’m with you


thats tie forum, not the app


Here’s one


I bet I would ship you here

hmm who is it…