Keep dis Eco friendly!


Just to let you know, this topic is recycled from my first topic.

Keep The Forum Eco Friendly!

Like, when you have a new topic you want to create, just recycle your old ones!

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  • Cool. Recycling.
  • My name is recycle.
  • Piper, you care about the environment?
  • Lol this topic ■■■■■.


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Sorry that's blocked out. Your things do not show, so it's fine if you think this suc.ks.



Hi, welcome to the forum, this is where you can ask questions, and socialize with other hopscotchers.

If you have questions tag me by writing a post and putting @ next to my name like this @CrookedCat6519


Like this kind of? But yeah, I do have a question. I did some stuff to test. I just want to know. Are you allowed to do forum if your don't do hopscotch alone?



Yes! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Just, try to keep it Hopscotch related.


Thanks. One more people do this a lot? Can you follow people? I mean, I just saw someone that is absolutely AWESOME and I could'nt figure what to do. I was like ”how do I-”....
So yeah, I'm a noob.


It's cannot follow people, but you can like posts by pressing the little heart at the bottom right of their post.


Welcolm to da Forum @PotatoLover3
I LEIKE POTATOEZ TOO!!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wink:


Alright just thanks guys!


Hiya! I'm Jamie :blush:
Just @ me if you need anything!


Alright thanks too. I feel so happy, I mean, people actually notice me on here!




Yep, we can see you on recent activity, that's why we come, and how we find you, we can also search you with the magnifier glass.


Welcome to the forum!!

Feel free to tag me anytime like this: "@KVJ"!

Ask a Gaming Geek! (PotatoLover's General Topic)

Welcome! Try to talk mostly about Hopscotch and (as you've said) be kind and not be mean!

A list of good topics:


Here's a good list of topics for beginners! @Potatolover3
Click here!


Hi welcome to the the forum! Potatoes are the best! If you ever need help tag me like this- @EP125 and I'll be ready to help! The forum is so awesome! You will have a great time! Do you want to be friends?


Welcome to the fabulous forum! It looks like a lot of people have already helped you! Everyone on the forum is super nice and helpful and you'll have a great time!


Hi! Welcome to the forum! If you need any help, just @ me like this: @Dude73 and I'll try my very best to help! :smile:


Welcome to the forum!

Here, we can talk about Hopscotch and other stuff! If you just want to chat, go to a general topic =D
I'm glad you saw CF's forum tutorial! I helped her a bit...
If you have any questions, just @ me like this: @BellaWafflez17. Then, I'll get a notification and it'll take me to the post where you did that. This is called tagging!

Happy Foruming!

bai da way i luv potatoz


Don't mind dat stuff.