KC Chiefs' General Topic



This is my general topic! Use it for chatting or something, nothing innapropriate please!


Also, can someone help me with this forum thing? I'm new


Hi @KCChiefs12!
What do you need help with?


Hello CWAB! Btw, your art on HS is awesome. I need help with, like, why does it tell me I can write a minimum of 20'characters? How do I nominate someone? How do I start a poll? Things like that

  1. To prevent spam
  2. For featured?
  3. When posting, hit the gear.


Thanks for the compliments!

to nominate a project for Featured check this


Welcome to the forum! If you ever need help, tag me by putting an @ then my username, like this: @CandyflossClouds , and I will come and help you!


You mean like, @CandyflossClouds


as @Petrichor said, the twenty characters rule is here to prevent spam. If you want to write something short, do this:
(I will reply to this)


Thanks Nindroid games


Yes! :D
what's your hopscotch username? (If you have the app)


I'm not sure if I'd like to say... Who are you?

ok! <put here something to fill up the twenty characters>


Welcome to the forum!

I'm Candycane​:lollipop:! you won't have heard of me

How are you?!


hehe, I forgot…
Feel free to tag me when you need help!


I'm Candyfloss clouds​:ribbon:
(I know my username is very lame...I was 10)


Fine! How are you? <


I'm good thanks!

what's your HS name so I can follow you?


I see CWAB. like, <.......>


Idk if I wanna say that. Who're you?