Kayro's Shadow Art Club (PART 2)


I love, big feet baby!


Wait me?

Thanks? If you were talking to me? It’s really not good people stop calling it good


Yes I was talking To you, this dragon is a baby with big feet that makes me happy


Oh okay.
I’m glad it makes you happy ig


Yes bigfooted dragons are adorable


Hhhhh I’m sorry it’s late


ya know none of u guys are late right, you actually still have an hour to complete


HEY Time for results!

There were quite a few people who had done November’s contest!

Judges gave me there opinions, there were 2 additional special judges (aha it wasn’t just me) scavenged Hope and Last Tr8r.

@Amulet_10 you had said yours was rushed but that makes everyone wonder how you could’ve made your masterpiece any better. Judges like the texture in yours. I personally liked how it all sort of fit together in the end!
@Chickengirl Your leafy lady has returned! An amazing piece matching with and amazing subject. Judges loved the background and character. I like her pose, it’s like a ballerina, that’s probably what you were going for though so, it looks like how it should then? Whatever, it is beautiful and pleasing to stare at.
@DatKawaiIPilLow the simplicity of your entry makes it aesthetically pleasing. We liked how the colors were diverse but also seemed to fit together which is like exactly what this contest was about! The facial expression is another positive about this one.
@FearlessPhoenix a dragon. Honestly, if Carbonate Bounty was judging you’d probably get like 12/10 for this and the Judge Fav. I like the ombre. The dragon looks very well drawn too, you must’ve spent a while on it.
@GoBli09 The wonderful art strikes back! The background is simple enough to make the eye go straight to the subject but also really cool to look at. Judges like how it was really clean. (Lineless is hard though isn’t it?).
@ilovechickens I hate to be that person but, your fine fluffy friend, is now on the wife list f Kayro. The details in white and brown make it look Ike it should be a sticker or something. I want this to be my guinea pig. Send via the mail to insert address here.
@Magnolia_Bloom The cat, the wings, ahh where do I even begin the compliment train? I keep repeating this but, this piece is so simple that it’s aesthetically pleasing. The colors you chose actually fit nice together, and they really popped.
@mr.Rex Welcome to the club! You start off your membership with a beautiful artwork. This autumn tree is a great example of the colors that everyone was restricted to for this challenge. The roots and branches make me think of an actual tree too!
@yoshIm7 Another great entry from another new child. Due to the color blue being present in your drawing, judges only judged based off a cropped version of the drawing in which the blue was cut off. While that was very unfortunate, the judges loved it. They liked the style that the eyes and hair and face were drawn in. They believed it was pretty gosh darn good.

First place @DatKawaiiPillow (I’m not going to go in depth on why you got first, go to first post to see what u has won
Second Place @Magnolia_Bloom (same with you my friend, first post to see prize)
Third place @Amulet_10 (first post, prize)

Judge’s Fav @ilovechickens they thought it was adorable, and you has to send me your guinea pig via mail. Postage won’t be too expensive because we are only a few states apartish.

No member’s choice because no one nominated.



ty for judge faveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :sparkles: :sparkles: i would be happy to mail you a guinea pig but not the one pictured bc she is no longer with us. at Ilcs Guinea Pig Shop we do have a few more options including but not limited to:
The Rat Twins
Starlight aka Your Grandmother
Girl Who Licks The Walls And Couldnt Count To Two
and The Queen Of The Hill.


Thanks. Funnily enough, I forgot that I already submitted my entry. So when it got to the deadline I started panicking but then gave up

What if I had entered a second time lol


Too bad. I will resurrect guinea pig and then mail back to you after spending a few days with guinea pig. Then you can than me for resurrecting guinea pig, because that’s what we do in the business.

Take no longer with us things, and bring them back from the dead? No it isn’t!

It is now!

(Mr.Rex, you would have to chose which entry to be judged)


Im sooo sorry i didnt enter my thing i never got to coloringbit… :cry:


Your piggy’s so cute!

December participantes

@Amberheart 1 (tell me if you want out)
@BluBerries 1
@Goobrgrlrye 1
@Healeybot1 2 :warning:
@ilovechickens 1

December’s challenge!

December is cold in the northern hemisphere. Art something that you think fits with the word cold or winter. Pretty cliché isn’t it.


heh, this one didn’t last as long as the first.