Kayro's Shadow Art Club (PART 2)


This is the Shadow Art Club’s official topic. Here we do monthly competitions. They will be based off prompts or other stuff, idk depends on how I’m feelin. There is a judging system in place where all entries are judged on 3 things I think. 1. Order (does it follow the legit prompt thing for the month?) 2. Uniqueness (is it unlike any other aha did you do it in your style and was the idea yours?) and finally 3. Otero judges (yeah sometimes there is a secondary opinion but not always, will always say who is judging for this category)


Members Currently
Not as preorderers:
Preorderers (aka VIPs but don’t think of it that way)


Everyone wins a free feedback or analysis of their piece. What judges liked what you should maybe improve on a bit all that jazz.

But now to the top 3 places

3rd Place
One free art requesto
A bunch of likes

2nd Place
One free art requesto
A bucket load of likes

1st Place
2 free art requestos
Probably a bunch of bucket loads of likes… from 2 different accounts

If the special judge thought your’s was the greatest you win the prize of…
A bunch of likes and a requesto

Every month there is a member’s choice where member’s choose their favorites and vote on which should win the grand prize of…
A bunch of likes and a requesto

(if someone wins the special judge award, the member’s choice and a place on the leaderboard they will get an extra request per award won. Ex: member’s choice and 2nd place… you win 2 requests and the bucket of likes)

more info
If you are not in there is something you must do before being accepted into the club…

So You Want to be In?

Do you prefer traditional or digital art?
Do you think you will be able to complete/do most of the challenges?
Can you give me an example of your art?
Will you be rude and evil and honestly a waste of space on this topic?
How many fingers am I holding up? (yes this is a legit question am expecting something 0-10)

Even more info…
Please try to post your entries here and not like only on the drawing topic, I won’t count them as entries if they are not here

please don’t change the tags, title or category… it is in #collabs-requests-competitions for a reason

Because people can use HS to draw stuff and it is a competition that does include requests

The are a bunch of things to do here!... Defeating Creativity's enemy!


(I’m sorry for having it so late… you don’t have to do this one)


Draw a phobia as something or someone… please tag me when finished and put it in a details folder in case people get freaked-out by that phobia)

If you think you are unable to do this please let me know and I will excuse you from this month.

October Participants

Amulet needs to sleep instead (does not need to enter a drawing)
Chicken girl
fearlessphoenix Busy Throughout the Month (does not need to enter a drawing)
Magnolia bloom
Tankt Temporary Absence (does not need to enter a drawing)


I can’t really do this. I mean, I can, but it’ll look like it took five minutes. I’m leaving for vacation (in October) in a few days, and I’ve got to pack, and I come back like two days before November begins. Sorry! :confused:


Ok. That’s fine.

I’ll exempt you from the October list of participants


I’ll begin one, though. I’m not sure if I’ll finish it, but I’ll still try!


Sorry, but I most likely won’t finish it because I have a million stressful things to do in the next two days and— why am I getting stressed about a vacation? Anyways, I might still be able to draw the entry but probably not.


So far you’re the only one (that I am sure of) that is actually trying. Have fun on vaca.


I will have fun, thanks!
Reasons I’ll have fun

  • Unlimited ice cream
  • Big slides
  • Kids clubs
  • Snorkeling
  • I have a camera
  • Unlimited ice cream (this deserves to be mentioned twice)


Best reason.

All other stuff is superb.



please reply if you are doing it this month. (and umm let me know if you aren’t)


i haven’t started yet, but i will do it. i like the idea.

h this took way longer that it should have to type. im sorry.


it fine, it just seems like it was only Tankt who was actually trying.


I’m working on it lol


lol… thanks.

Your reply is the blaster, you is Han, I is rey

(totally not trying to get as many GIFs on this forum as possible)


I’d love to do it this month, but I just realized I was super busy. I can’t do it…I’m super sorry. It was a really cool challenge


ok will mark you as unavailable


Oh yes I will do this sometimes before it ends like probably the day before or the day after I really want to do it but I also instinctively procrastinate every little thing


Ok! Great!!!

(I gotta finish my other art project before I start my attempt (because I like this))


Yeah I’m in baby! Might be late bc I’m the Star Procrastinator but ill put in effort :+1:


Pooh who is better procrastinator though???