Kayro's Art School for the Star-Warsically Challenged



Ok so this is the wonderful art school/club that will teach people how to draw stuff, it isn’t always Star Wars and it isn’t always not Star Wars but it’s here for people to learn.

you people want to learn?

LESSONS (for now)

  1. Stormtrooper helmet

Will start first lesson once someone says they want to learn it)


If you can teach me how to do trail art,then I am in.


Don’t you just use the leave a trail block?


ooh sick burn

sizzle sizzle


Technically, but there is a technique to do it. You should try to learn things like how to combine those trails, make filled objects, use different widths and more.


people this is not a trail art topic!!!

It’s just a separate topic for me to teach people how to draw some stuff. It’s only here to not spam the drawing topic!!!


well you tried sister.