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Hey, It’s Kayla The Fox! As You Can Tell, I’m working out a game called, Talk To Casey! It’s gonna take time, but I’ll post Chapter 1 next year (my estimate guess) I have made a poll to decide if I should add characters and y’all picked yes, so here! (you don’t need to sign up the appearance if you make a ref)
User: 01WolfWednesday​:leo::wolf:10#SOS
Name Of The Character: Reika
Nickname: Ray
Personality: EXTREMELY, VERY smart, VERY VERY loyal, kind to those she cares about, very sarcastic, INTP
Occupation (role): Idk what the roles are soz…
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her or They/Them
Likes: Wolves, her family, singing
Dislikes: People in general (#Relatable)
Skin Color: in between these two 🫱🏼‍🫲🏻
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Length/Color: Up to her waist, caramel brown with blonde streaks
Hair Style/Texture: wavy and either in a ponytail or braid, I don’t mind
Facial Features: semi-long eyelashes
Facial Accessories: earrings (just average studs)
Clothes: A black shirt with denim shorts and black sneakers
Anything I’m Missing: I don’t think so
Comments: Good luck! I’m excited to see how this works out :smile::wink:
TYSM For Helping Out In Talk To Casey! I’ll try to include you into the first chapter! (if not the second chapter)


Idk how to do it the way the rest of you guys did, soz :sweat_smile:, so I just copied and pasted lol :sweat_smile::joy:


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