Kaykay's general topic/ pp


Hey guys um credit to myself because I made the first update magazine general topic thing on friendship so yeah
Here you can ask me q+a, ransom stuff, etc
Be nice no wars


How long have you been on the Forum??

How long have you been on Hopscotch?

And what is you profile pic and how did u choose it?


I've been on the forum for over a year if you count friendship, I'm pretty sure I've been on hopscotch since February 2014 but it seems it was 105, and I've been on hopscotch for over a year, pretty sure. Makes no sense.
My profile pic was my submission for the hoodie monster profile pic contest.


What do u mean if u count friendship?? Are u an alternate account of Friendship2468??


Isn't it's obvious? And don't tag Liza lol I'm approved by the mods


Well, there are no more mods, so I should really tell Liza bc you aren't supposed to be on here. She said so herself. Sorry. @Liza


I'm not a hater!! It's just.... I'm doing it to follow the rules so I don't get in trouble, so I'm not harmed, your not harmed, and everyone else isn't harmed.


How would anyone else get harmed because of me? Explanation please. I don't wan today to turn out like yesterday


IDK. I'm sorry. I'll just be going now.



What's up?

How's life?

What are your favorite apps other than hopscotch?



The sky

Gotta do research on Cryptosporidiosis by Tuesday, life isn't very good...

AirShou, musical.ly, iMovie, SketchbookXx, safari, Skitch, photos, Instagram (I don't have an account yet, I only use it for saving musical.lys to my camera roll), YouTube


Hey um @huggingfluffybear can you get the video done by midnight


Good point. I would leave the forum now if they tried to track me down in real life and harm me.


Nobody said anything about tracking down


Cool! I like musicly a lot too!


You said harming, which would probably involve tracking down.


Not necessarily. Mentally harming people was what I mean. Like hurting their feelings


Wanna see a cool edit I made?


Will you get your old account back?


Eight years. BAS and I technically agreed to ban me, I said "I deserve it" or something like that, and he's fine with me being here now, so I'm sick of people being rude about me