KayKat's topic ~ I wasn't made to be perfect, I was made to be human



Okay, Katie. What’s going on? You don’t just disappear for 3 days like this without a warning.


Throw back Thursday


Kate, you were so…bubbly back in the good ol’ days…or at least you acted like it. I guess back then I didn’t realize how bubbly you were, how cringey I was, or how…care free Mimi was. I honestly just read through some conversations in March/April, and it brings back some good memories. It reminded me of some of the conversations I had forgotten. Honestly though, I have always seen you as more of a serious person, but now, I compare you to how you were back then, and wow there’s a big difference. You are still amazing though…that never changed.


I agree with you. On your cringiness, that is.


Well, thank you…I think.


So. What’s up? Also can you put your gt in deprecated or something so we don’t clog up KayKat’s?


I’ve missed you


I thought you had left…forever.
Katie, hurry up


I’ve missed you too Sophia

And like, before you overreact, me coming back isn’t permanent. I only came back because I love you and because I worried that you would do something dangerous to yourself or to me if I didn’t come on to check in
Good job on your featured
By the way, that tournament I said was on the 18 was actually this past weekend, I have more tournaments coming up very soon.

I’ve missed you, but I’ve also enjoyed my time off the forum, so know that me visiting isn’t permanent ok


Well, there goes my good mood.

How’d it go?



I’m sorry.

Ehhhhhhhhh we kinda messed up
Like a lot
Plus we were debating in varsity since it was the only division so we were kinda screwed


Okay, I’ve been wanting to write this.

Katie, since the moment I joined the forum, you were a special person to me. That bond grew over the past year. I’m actually surprised that bond still exists. When I say I love you like a sister, I mean it. You’ve made me feel special and loved. I hope I’ve done the same for you. I love you


That’s a…shady answer.

I’m just glad you’re okay.


I’m gonna have to go in 1 minute :pensive:
Just know that I love you and I’m sorry for being a pain.

Oh, and Mimi’s back…


I love you too soph
I’ll never forget you, really, but it’s time for me to move on to other things. Ily but I need to go out and live the life I’ve always dreamed of living


Wait, like for good? Like she’s staying or just visiting


Great, my brother and his wife are in the living room…and I’m about to start crying…


I’m sorry.


She said she’s considering trying to coming on every day…
I’ve gtg.
You’ll do great things in life. You’re just that kind of person.


I’ll miss you Sophia. I gtg too.

I love you and you’re beautiful human being. Go and make the life that you’ve always dreamed of, and know that I’ll miss you. The future is bulletproof and full of possiblility. Go make it happen.