KayKat's topic ~ I wasn't made to be perfect, I was made to be human



Yeah I just stopped coming on for some reason


At one point…PM said it was punishment, but I don’t remember exactly when it was. Do I need to fill you in on all the emotional moments that happened? Let’s just say I cried a lot I’m the last quarter of 2017


Yeah…I’m pretty clueless


Wow I missed a bunch…


Hey Sophia, try to get a thing of chocolate, preferably a big one with those little square s you can break off. Eat a couple squares whenever you’re depressed


Uh hey sophia I gtg to bed now


So, approximated dates:

  • June 15- after publishing a large pixel art, Mimi says she’s leaving. That night, she came on and the 3 of us (Mimi, Katie, me) admitted that night that we love each other like sisters. She ended up staying
  • June 20- Mimi admits that she is jealous, really jealous, of Gobli
  • Late June-early August- as the jealousy continues to rise, Mimi leaves and comes back several time. One time, she said she had thoughts of khs and left for 2-3 days.
  • August 10- Mimi leaves
  • August 24- Katie starts back to school and debate keeping her schedule really busy
  • Late September or early October (I think)- I post these old drawings of horses that Katie drew…she explodes on me. The next day was a terrible day…I think it was the start of some depression
  • Sometime in October- I start seriously stalking Kay Kat
  • Sometime in October (around the 15th or so)- Mimi begins to visit some.
  • Some Wednesday in October- Mimi finds out that I had tried to stalk her once and exploded…this leaves me relatively miserable for a week.
  • October and November- I repeatedly stalk Katie…although she continued to forgive me, I always felt bad after the fact. One day in late October or early November, she informs me that the next time I do it that it’ll be the last straw.
  • Sometime in November- I stalk once again. Katie said something that made me think she was leaving…so the next day I was torn up. Eventually, I got a paper clip and cut myself.
  • Rest of November and December along with some of January- Mimi came on occasionally. Kay Kat was constantly busy. My depression and emotions continue down their path of destruction.


Okay, well, enjoy reading that long and very depressing post tomorrow. Goodnight.

Thanks, but if I’m ever depressed over my weight, I don’t think that’s gonna help


@KayKat…I think I just figured out why I’m pro life.




ahhhhh cat ur on!!! yayyayayaya


Have you been waiting all day for me
If you did lol WHY


XD ofc not i forgot yesterday that today was monday. i go to my moms bible study and watch little kids so i was there from 8:50-1:00 and i just came on


Okay good because if you did I was going to say that you just ruined a perfectly good day XD

Was watching the little kids fun


You started back to school today, right? How’d it go?


That moment when:
Kay Kat disappears for a few days-


well you said she went back to school so she is prob busy with hw


Hm, but she does have her way of slipping out of the forum without anyone noticing.



I’m flipping out.
and guess who might be coming back? Hito!


good for you! that’s amazing and it’s literally on the top!!! XD
i wish i got featured again XD