KayKat's topic ~ I wasn't made to be perfect, I was made to be human



Well that’s just sad if you really want to be someone’s friend you try to be patient


Mimi does try…I think. But something tells me she was done trying at stuff by that point. I wonder how she is.


She was hardly around when I first got on
Wow almost a year…


Yeah well I don’t blame Mimi for her decisions. Frankly, they were perfectly rational. Mimi was an amazingly friend to both of us and she wouldn’t leave just because of one insignificant thing. Stalking is not a simple matter. It releases private information. People can be suspended for stalking. If Mimi didn’t want to get involved in that I think she actually made a very reasonable decision.


I never knew the reason…I just knew she was gone


That wasn’t why she left, she left because of jealousy and cause her irl life was better than her forum one


Well…jealousy is a terrible thing…
It can eat you alive but only if you let it


I’m going to go guys, ttylI wish we could turn back time, back to the good old days




Well, her reason for leaving was school and probably jealousy…


Don’t we all?
Bye. Ttyl


School is understandable…who was she jealous of


And by her post that you were replying to, she meant when she told me she might blow up on me and then blew up in the same post :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol I just noticed the little line…


Gobli. That’s why Gobli feels so guilty about the jealousy…


OMG really ?? Gobli is so sweet and humble tho


Exactly. Those qualities make/made Gobli a person that people wanted/want to be around…especially when she was new and everyone was getting to know her. That’s what made Mimi jealous.


u have a lot of ppl always on ur gt


I didn’t know any of this…


Well,then you missed the second half of June and all of July.