KayKat's topic ~ I wasn't made to be perfect, I was made to be human



Yep and that’s cause I am a horrible and insensitive person who at this point is still here only because as insensitive as I tend to be I do care that you don’t hurt yourself


I pretty much agreed with Kay Kat and went to bed and cried


You weren’t being insensitive…I thought I had pulled the last straw. I almost left the night when I posted the horse drawings though…


HEY guys i’m
back from eating panda express


Wow…I feel like a bad friend rn…


If I wanted to make you think that I had kms I would have been perfectly capable of doing that long ago but if I ever were to kms I don’t think you would have the slightest clue that I had. I would just leave unexpectedly and that’d be all and you wouldn’t have any idea that I actually was not only not on the forum but also dead


I would start asking your debate partner over YouTube. And something tells me I might be able to find something online for your area.



You know I wonder about people who just vanish


I know…I just read that. And you said that I’m popular? Uh…no, that would be Kay Kat


Because I didn’t know half this stuff


You know at this point I’m here for two reasons

  1. I care about you
  2. So you don’t destroy my safety and violate my privacy

Mimi’s General :)) | x2

Lol really wow !!??!?!?


Like WynterDiamond. If she had left a few weeks later, I would say it was bc fires, but she left like a month before that. She had mentioned falling apart emotionally often, but I don’t think she would khs…


You never know one second your fine the next your ded


XD I think I already violated your privacy, but I’ll try not to destroy your safety.

Aw, thank you. I care about you too


third wheeled But this is so sweet :grinning:


Yes, you have and I would appreciate it if you stopped dropping hints about where I am or the people I know


Wyn wasn’t saved either…irdk. Messaged me on Roblox a few weeks after she left…right around the time I started hearing about the fires (or right before). So who knows what happened to her…


Haha its probably to late now


Oh no, I could drop really obvious hints, but I think I’ve already hurt my friendship enough…
Katie is a lot more patient than Mimi though…