KayKat's topic ~ I wasn't made to be perfect, I was made to be human



Lol…but I’m talking about sophia’s reaction it was just whoa


That’s a good way to put it…which attempt of her leaving are you gonna try to reinact? Please don’t try to be like her the time she said she had thoughts of khs then disappeared for 2 Days.


Yep and that’s cause I am a horrible and insensitive person who at this point is still here only because as insensitive as I tend to be I do care that you don’t hurt yourself


I pretty much agreed with Kay Kat and went to bed and cried


You weren’t being insensitive…I thought I had pulled the last straw. I almost left the night when I posted the horse drawings though…


HEY guys i’m
back from eating panda express


Wow…I feel like a bad friend rn…


If I wanted to make you think that I had kms I would have been perfectly capable of doing that long ago but if I ever were to kms I don’t think you would have the slightest clue that I had. I would just leave unexpectedly and that’d be all and you wouldn’t have any idea that I actually was not only not on the forum but also dead

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I would start asking your debate partner over YouTube. And something tells me I might be able to find something online for your area.



You know I wonder about people who just vanish


I know…I just read that. And you said that I’m popular? Uh…no, that would be Kay Kat


Because I didn’t know half this stuff


You know at this point I’m here for two reasons

  1. I care about you
  2. So you don’t destroy my safety and violate my privacy


Lol really wow !!??!?!?


Like WynterDiamond. If she had left a few weeks later, I would say it was bc fires, but she left like a month before that. She had mentioned falling apart emotionally often, but I don’t think she would khs…


You never know one second your fine the next your ded


XD I think I already violated your privacy, but I’ll try not to destroy your safety.

Aw, thank you. I care about you too


third wheeled But this is so sweet :grinning:


Yes, you have and I would appreciate it if you stopped dropping hints about where I am or the people I know


Wyn wasn’t saved either…irdk. Messaged me on Roblox a few weeks after she left…right around the time I started hearing about the fires (or right before). So who knows what happened to her…