KayKat's topic ~ I wasn't made to be perfect, I was made to be human



Ooh good one @discobot fortune
Is kaykat annoyed with me


:crystal_ball: Cannot predict now


Don’t you dare. I wonder what would be the quickest way to get to you…hm, maybe a bus. My parents probably wouldn’t drive me to California on a random day…I might have enough money for a plane ticket…I could take a bus…or I could take a one month walk


Disco literally got flagged! The moderators will think we lost our minds…


Uh no… don’t you dare


Probably bc we did…


AND I wonder who’s fault that is *cough, cough, SOPHIA


I would still be on the forum…I would just be traveling across the country so I could force Kay Kat to come back. Even better, I could comment on one of her debate partners YouTube videos and tell him to force her to come back



And by the way disco was righ when he said I should leave


Let’s not go pointing fingers


No he wasn’t…or he wouldn’t have gotten flagged.


You realize that was extremely coincidental


If you do that than there will be no way I would ever come back to the forum, not even to visit


If you leave kaykat it will be mini all over again
Do you want that?


Well, you would have to come on when I came to your school and pinned you up against a wall :smirk: idk if I want to walk for a solid month though…and my parents would probably bring me back home before I could get out of Tennessee


Lol they’d be driving behind you the whole way to the state line


Do I want to be remembered as an amazing friend, who’s humble and smart and hardworking and clever and creative and ambitious and patient and compassionate even though I am none of those things? Yes, yes I would love to become the next Mimi.


Similar…but although I was sorta emotional at the time Mimi left…I am a lot worse than just emotional now. I didn’t start feeling like terrible person until like a month after Mimi left. And don’t we all remember the day that I first self harmed…it was bc I thought I made Kay Kat leave…


Lol…but I’m talking about sophia’s reaction it was just whoa


That’s a good way to put it…which attempt of her leaving are you gonna try to reinact? Please don’t try to be like her the time she said she had thoughts of khs then disappeared for 2 Days.