KayKat's topic ~ I wasn't made to be perfect, I was made to be human



Yes, in the area that you are…well, around that geographical feature.


Yes and he is a she XD


Oops sorry
See this is yet another reason why gender is simply an annoying and unnecessary social construct., Everyone should just go by they/them pronouns it’s make life so much easier


Hahaha it’s okay XD she wouldn’t mind


Well, I’m not gonna accomplish anything by arguing about this…oh well.


I got another flag a few minutes ago. I saw the PM notification pop up and about threw my iPad XD


Okay so my debate partner agreed to go with someone else for literally the biggest tournament we do all year and I’m oinda annoyed cause now I need a new partner and no one else on my team who doesn’t have a partner yet is really that good… ugg


He’s on??? it’s late for a school night


Is it a high school or middle school tournament?

I know that one time I saw where he went with someone else to some tournament.



wow… so u guys had a convo about me XD


No, literally the Private Message you get when you get flagged


Oh lol we should just call him Piano


Can you link me the post that was flagged


High school tournament
He went with someone else once cause I had a schedule conflict


Huh? Wdym?


I had a premade event that I already planned to attend on the date of that tournament


Oh, you mean that other one…you had just went to a tournament like the week before though…



Oh… well I kinda get why that was flagged… but he asked you to guess, it’s not like you just were like “he lives here” and plus other people guessed to and they didn’t get flagged


And he shares it…and apparently that’s not exactly where he lives.

I wonder what you would do to me if I ever shared your location…shudders


I’m afraid you would never she daylight again…