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Oh but I don’t do my school’ debate program :scream::scream::scream:
I used to but I do a different one that focuses more on high school and college level debate styles than my school one does

Also you’re supposed to never bring my school and anything else like that up


Eh? Are you sure you don’t use the one in the after school classes section? Because it’s at least the same debate coach…I know that.


Yes, I am sure. The classes happen to be on the same day and at the same(ish) times but I do my classes with a different, more fast paced team. It’s fun, but it’s hard and tiring, so I debate for my school team, not my team team, at least when I go to tournaments. That way I get to spend some time with my team that I like the most and the coach that introduced me to it all.


By the way Sophia are you ever going to start up that writing competition thing again


Okay then…that makes more sense…sorta


Oh yeah…I have to judge the final two…I might drag you and Dude73 in to help me…it depends.


Uh I can’t write anything worthwhile so I don’t think I’m worthy of being a judge


All lies…you’re at least unbiased.


I’m still processing this post XD. My little brain can’t take it.


Uh no that as nothing to do with your brain not being able to process it. That’s simply cause I’m such an unworthy writer that you can’t understand what I say since I phrase it so poorly unless I’m trying not to phrase it poorly


XD…no, it’s because idk you irl…so I have to base everything off of the little information I have.


Anyways, how are you? And I want the truth.


I’m alright. What about you?


Mhm…of course you are…

I’m good…I was blushing earlier for obvious reasons, but I think that’s returned to normal now.

That’s the thing about being the strong one. No one ever offers to lend a hand.
Huh? What do you mean?
Also…I suddenly feel like you are someone undercover in the HHA…


I like actually am

K good

Oops you weren’t supposed to quote that
Anyway it’s just this quote I saw the other day that I find relatable.

What is the HHA


I’ve got my eye nose on you.

Hopscotch Hacking Association. Aka: the organization that Oribi headed…and that I was in.


Anyway I gtg ttyl


Okay. Bye…I enjoyed talking. It’s always something I look forward to.


Congrats on the 4,000th reply


Oh, I didn’t notice. Thank you.