KayKat's topic ~ I wasn't made to be perfect, I was made to be human



whelp he’s shorter than me [whelp I’m the fourth tallest in my class so…;/] and no, youre much nicer.


XD…I was the tallest girl in my class.



oh wow. Lol so how are you?

trust me, you’re amazing.

want to chat on your/my GT.


I’m good. Hbu?

Well…my mom did tell me that I act like her sometimes…then yesterday, she told me I was emotionless and needed to soften my heart up…:woman_facepalming:t3:…which that would have been true at the beginning of this year.



I’m okay. :///

hm, that seems sorta harsh :000 emotionless. dang ;0;

okay then.


I should just show her the eggshell gif XD. I almost asked her if she thought I haven’t cried this summer, but I don’t think that would go over too well.


Lol you should XD oh wow. ya things like that never go over well with most moms.


I am on @photographer123


snazzy. so @sophia71205 and Scotch want to chat?


Can I come for a bit? I’ve missed you, Photo.
lol I was reading a book that had a giant firefly named Photos Glow Glow


Yeah lets chat on my GT


@hyperactive_fox you should come too…I haven’t talked to you in awhile


okay see you there tag me


ahhh foxypai!! I’ve missed you too
lol oh wow. odd XDd


btw @KayKat my mom actually flew to your home state today lol


@KayKat…1 minute…well, you had debate today though, right?


HOW YA doin!!!


Um, waiting for your response…



I am stilled surprised about how much you know about my schedule


It is on your school website. Also, a couple of weeks ago, I think you brought it up. At least I haven’t memorized what time you get out of school on certain days.