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I think I remember seeing that once on your debate website bc that one tournament was canceled. Well…you’ll do amazing like always. Anyways, I can stop you…I just have to slow down time…it would take about a month for me to walk to your school.


Hey, it’s your 20 month anniversary! You’ve been here that long? Wow. Yesterday was my 11 month anniversary, and I felt “old.”


Oh…have you seen my most liked? You should have posted more…I’ll find a way to spam like you.


Same here.


18 minutes ago??? I should yell at you…eh, nvm.


hehe perfect plan mwahahahaha XDD


If anyone cares I’m back from the tournament
Well actually the tournament ended a couple hours ago but right after it ended I had a debate class to attend but now I’m back
It was very fun. We had some… interesting rounds.
And we ran some sketchy counter plans that they totally could have pulled a permutation on and I totally thought they would so I had this entire mutual exclusivity block prepared but then they didn’t perm it so I was like okay then and then they ran some even more sketchy fact vs. policy definition counter topicality thing so that was pretty great cause they wasted their time on this point that wasn’t even that relevant and that we won in the end anyway
And then we ran some topicality theory arguments and it was pretty great cause the other team dropped it so it flowed through for us
And then we ran some inequality and superiority kritiks and that was pretty fun cause the other team didn’t like, counter it, so like, my speech was great cause I got to talk about how a vote for the gov would be like a vote for inequality, dehumanization, racism, sexism, homophobia, etc., and that was pretty great
Anyway it was fun


So…did you win the finals?

Sounds like you…and I agree…I’m just on the other side of it as far as who to vote for.


Aaah, Katie, help me! I guess you could say I secretly have a crush…2 problem’s:

  1. Um, I’m in 7th grade…
  2. It’s a person on the forum that lives in another state…

What have I come to?!


What even makes you think that we made it to the finals
Like all those things could have been from the same debate round

But anyway
We won the quarters on a 3-0 decision
We won the semis on a 7-0 decision
We won the finals on a 6-3 decision
So yeah we won the tournament


How… do you even have a crush on a person you’ve never actually met


Sounds just like the typical Kay Kat…


How Is that even possible?


:smirk::smirk::smirk::smirk:Yeah it was fun


Idk. Irdk. In the past, I’ve thought about what it would be like to be shipped to every boy on my tag list…there was also one person not on my tag list I thought about. There were four altogether…one lives in Russia…2 live on the west coast (I think)…the the fourth, um,yeah, that’s who I’m referring to…


AAAHHH!! I. D. E. K. Idk…


Well uh Idk what to say cause I’m bad at this kinda thing
So are you gonna tell me who it is so I can make a ship name


I think there is already a ship name…Piano71205…and I was the dumb person who came up with it.
You and Gilbert189 would make a good pair…


wait. A crush?? :000 oh wow.
so DMF, PiAnO, and the other two?
wait do u like Scotch?


Let me think of all possible ship names
So it’s pianoman and sophia71205
So we could do…

Idk there aren’t a lot of options