KayKat's topic ~ I wasn't made to be perfect, I was made to be human



thx KayKat. <33

ahh lucky. thank you sm KayKat. that means so much to me. honestly, that gave me a huge boost of confidence.

aww, tysm. that means a lot to me. seriously that makes me feel amazing. Lol don’t waste your time on that; you saying that makes up for it all the way. I know it’s not about popularity, but it just reminds me of a different time. :333 btw I miss seeing you on there. but I’m glad you’re still active here. ;3

tysm [again lol] for that. that whole thing made me feel sm better. luv ya. <33 I’m here for you, okay? whatever you need, just talk to me.

I’m at the start of the banquet. lol it’s too good ahhh


I did that. Except with only 20. I forgot all of the passwords tho lol


Yw. You’ll do great, I know you will

Haha if I ever get time maybe I will make a bunch of alt accounts, but not now.

Okay, I’m here for you too. I love you like a sister, I believe in you! You are gong to great on your tests and then your going to do great in life because your the kinda person who is destined to do great things

You mean the banquet right at the end of initiation? If that’s the part you’re at, you’re almost to the climax… :yum:

Anyhow I gtg, I’ve procrastinated long enough. Ttyl.


ahh tysm KayKat. Ilysm and you’re one of my best friends on here. ty!! you’re going places, girl. seriously you’re going to have an incredible future with great things to come.
oh no now I’m nervous XDD ahh and excited. whelp bye KayKat. Luv ya sm <33 byeee


Eh, it’s flagged for good…don’t get mad…I prefer the not mad you…

That’s not good. If you feel like me, get out of that mood…unless you are acting like the happy me. You don’t want to be emotional Sophia…unless you like crying.

Math is awesome…

hug what am I doing? I’m hugging…you’ve ruined me.


MATH IS NOT AWESOME you’re killing me Sophia ;o;
hehe no, I haven’t ruined you, I’ve taught you, to love ;3 HAHAHA IVE DONE SOMETHING WITH MY LIFE


How dare you insult my poor numbers and variables? Pi is crying…the square roots are going crazy…and I haven’t even met sine and cosine outside of HS, but I can hear them bawling.

I love…I’m just not the biggest hugger. I hugged once I think before you joined…and that was because Mimi had just mutilated my emotional shell. You’ve taught me plenty of things.

And I know you will do amazing things.
And…you should see PC8’s latest drawing on FC.


Lol hehehe I have succeeded if they’re crying >:3333333333333 mwhahahahaha
I’m glad I’ve taught you things. At least I hope they’re good things…;o;
aw, tysm Sophia. ahh I’m sure it’s BEAUTIFUL


Most of what you do is good…just not your hate for my little friends…addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, notation, and numeration.


mwhahahaha >:333 how do u feel about language Arts/English?


I like grammar as much if not more than math. I find grammar relaxing (and exciting)…and math fun. I’m a big reader too…


oh good. :333 I LOVE English. And reading.


I’m pretty sure I mention reading in my bio…nobody reads my bio…no wonder…it’s boring.


I dooooooo. :333 Lol I’ve read it several times [ohhh hehe that reminds me of something]


@KayKat, we are coming for you. Hm, Scotch Tape and I will meet in the middle somewhere and PC8 will fly to Photo’s state and they will meet us at the California border. Then, we will march on…and sneak into your house…and scare you.


Because we all have the same PFP person


Reading this conversation and having to look at the usernames instead of the PFPs is very painful


That is the point…we wanted it to be painful


It’s intentional torture. Hehe, next, I’m going to force you not to debate :smiling_imp:


Haha there’s no way you’ll be able to do that. I have a debate tournament this weekend, actually. It’s a middle school tournament, so I’m hoping it won’t be too hard.