KayKat's topic ~ I wasn't made to be perfect, I was made to be human



ahhh they’re so cute together <333


@sophia71205 change ur PFP…


ya seriously this is confusing me…ahh





Is confusing me so much already


Thanksgiving break did you a lot of good. I haven’t seen you this way since school started back…you’ve been stressed, but last night, you just talked with the rest of us…and that’s something you haven’t done in a while. I woke up laughing at your reaction:

Really, when was the last time you “died” on the forum before this? I’m pretty sure never :joy:

That was also hilarious…you hadn’t caught on so you were scared…


Oh, so you were on HS last night? I’m pretty sure you were…well, good to see you in my notifications again :slightly_smiling_face:


Yay…not…guess who just got flagged…and pretty much for no reason this time. My first flag…okay, yeah…that was stupid of me…my second flag…okay, I can see why that was flagged…this one though…


Dude I literally love your bio so much


Yeah for like five minutes just to like your projects and a couple things on featured


Haha I know when I’m not stressed out I’m a lot happier
Right now I’m in a good mood cause I was texting my friend for an hour (which had absolutely nothing to do with procrastination)


Thanks, I like this bio a lot more than my old one too



Hopefully after whoever reviews the flagged posts sees that post they will unflag it
Well actually idk if they can do that cuz I’ve never been flagged but if they can uflag it I’m sure they will


hey KayKat ;/ how are you?


Hello photo


I’m pretty good,
How about you?


that’s good. i’m okay.


I feel like Sophia as I say this, but are you really?


Lol eh. ;/ I’m doing math homework rn, so that’s already negative.
um , whelp today was just a bad day. my throat hurts, I’m really tired, I have a lot of math to do [hw in general], I have a lot of tests this week, (end of the trimester), some personal irl stuff, I have a presentation on Wednesday, just looking at HS and Trending make me sad, etc. ;/ idk don’t let me bring you down. im so glad you’re happy. ;3 genuinely.

Divergent is so good. I stayed up till 10:30 reading it last night


Aww I’m sorry Photo

Ugg I can relate to that. End of trimester was last week for us though. You’ll be okay. You’re gonna get this done, and you are going to ace these tests because you are one of the smartest people I know, both academically and in terms of emotional maturity. You can do it.

Watch me go and make 60 alt accounts on hopscotch so I can like all your projects cause you deserve trending more than probably literally anyone who is currrently on trending. But even if I don’t have time to do that, and even if you don’t get on trending, it’s okay becuase it’s not all about popularity and your drawings are amazing and if people don’t acknowledge that then they are missing out on some beautiful artwork.

Sorry you’re stressed out. Just hang in there, it gets better, I promise. If you need me I’m always here for you, ok?

Haha I know right
What part are you at?