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Try, the word in Latin that means why…or at least it does in this book


Wait, that Wikipedia article literally shipped Hannah and Frederick…eh, it’s possible. The summary of the plot is so choppy and has so much useless info


@sophia71205, I’m not going to revive this topic,
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But thanks for adding!


You’re welcome.

I did it for you.


Yusamac asked me today if I knew you irl XD


So true…but Bellatrix did the same thing (well, she didn’t battle Voldemort, but she did battle)…we just didn’t know…




Im okay just not replying to your topic cause… yaknow


I didn’t realize you payed so much attention to football.,


I know write photo
I ship them to
Everyone shops them
At least every sane person ships them
My sibling doesn’t ship them
My sibling thinks it’s a “forced romance” I know right they’re crazy that’s why
Their “official” ship name is Fourtris but I have a different name for them but arggggg I can’t tell you till you finish the first book


Ehh., I’m not the biggest fan. I go and see some games, and my dad is pretty crazy about it. Personally, I’m not much of a football person, and other then my dad, none of my family is. The thing is, my dad is always going to the games with his friends and you can tell that he really wants one of his kids to be a crazy fan like him so I kinda pretend I am so he doesn’t have to go to the games or cheer on our team alone.


Sophia and a Photo are writing speeches right now pretty much.


Am I aloud to go read them


Yeah I guess but Photo might get angry…


I actually do like it…at least Stanford made it to the PAC12 championship…Tennessee lost their bowl eligibility several games ago.

I don’t think she will…she’s trying to fix something that she didn’t even cause.


Change your PFP for once Sophia! Change it t the drawing Photo made with us.


Okay well just Incase I’m gonna hold off on that at least until she says it’s okay then


Ok I am pretty sure everything has died down now. Yo can read all yo want.


Ok then


@Gobli09, it’s spreading fast.