KayKat's topic ~ I wasn't made to be perfect, I was made to be human



@KayKat…7 boys between 5 and 9…



Wat is happening???

Idk this the topic I go to when I wanna ask a question…


are you surviving Sophia? or by the time you’ll probably see this, did you survive?


Wat do u mean by this… do u mean only publish 1 project a week or do u mean like, if you published a project, maybe a BG, don’t publish another BG until it has been a week since you published the last


If you published a project, let’s say a BG, don’t publish a BG for another week, but you can publish other ideas, like games or trail art.


But you have published more than one quote in a week…


Well, one of the babies didn’t show up…sad, but the 7 boys…they did okay today. All 7 will be at my aunt’s b-day party tomorrow.


aw, that’s sad. ;/// they did okay? XDD lol were there any kids your age?


Nope. My cousin’s step son is three months younger than me…but he is sometimes there and sometimes not. The only other girl (that isn’t grown or an infant) is my 3 year old second cousin.


oh wow. :000 that’s crazy.


Yep well I’m a hypocrite aren’t I
I just did that because I tried to publish two to three times a week but I would constantly run out of ideas


You’re an amazing coder though. I miss seeing you on HS. How are you?


Only when I put a lot of time and effort into my projects. But normally, my projects are pretty unoriginal.

I’m okay. You?


They were amazing regardless…especially your games.


I’m good. Just driving my OTP insane.


Which I am about to feel terrible about.


Have you seen Mimi’s bio? “je n’ai pas de vie.” It means “I don’t have a life.”

Also you’re out of likes aren’t you


First of all I doubt they are going to be mad
Second of all if you think it’s going to make you feel terrible then… why do you do it?


She has a life…it’s called homework


Okay, maybe one of them did just tell me I’m amazing, but I’m stalking their conversation…


I don’t think they’re mad…they just feel weird talking to each other now. At least I shipped you with someone you never talk to.

If I knew the answer…I would tell you. “Cur” "idk."
I didn’t know at first that it would.


“An aggressive dog or one that is in poor condition, especially a mongrel.”

I think I’m missing something…