KayKat's topic ~ I wasn't made to be perfect, I was made to be human



I didn’t cry during Harry Potter…somehow. I want to sometimes though.

Ships…Photo has probably had enough of them lately.


YEP YEP! MY DAD WAS FREAKING OUT! Body seems unclear, is this a complete sentence?


hehe I do…;ooo; inifnkslmksdnksls


Yep. My family has this vacation house place up in the mountains about four hours from where we live, by car. The house is very cozy. It has three floors, three bathrooms, and four bedrooms. There is a really nice fireplace on the bottom floor, and it’s always very warm in here, even though it’s pretty cold outside. We come here every thanksgiving, as well as a lot of long weekends and such. Last year we went skiing becuase there was a lot of snow, but this year their hardly is any, so we just came for a change of scenes, and cause it’s our tradition. We have these restaurants up here that we absolutely love and we go to them every time we are here. We will probably just go ice skating, maybe sledding if we can find a hill with enough snow, we are going to visit this little tiny village town thing, there’s this pool and hot tub place that we love, and we are going hiking today. It’s nice to get out of the house.


Lol it’s really god ahh my math teacher said it’s better than THG so I’m sorta skeptical ;^;


hm, there’s a place in my state just like that. My fam has a house at the place and we go skiing, ice skating, sledding etc when there’s snow. Idk ;PP


Wow, I’m coming to your vacation house.


@KayKat…I just tried shipping you.


I don’t think it’s better. The first book might be as good, but then the second two books in the triologu aren’t as good.


Wait, are you in California? I forgot… I know you’re in my time zone though, right?




hm, okay. ya, THG would be hard to beat. ;/ okay, good to know. which is better: insurgent or allegiant?


Insurgent. Well, the end to allegiant is ok


hehe delete that plz ;oo;


With Gilbert189…he’s very debatey. He sounds a little like you. We were debating on the Bible…I almost forgot it wasn’t you.


nope, what Sophia said. ;/


I’m not going to to go to that topic anymore. I think I’ll mute it…


The Informers topic? Yeah, it’s getting flagged.


We are going out for dinner at like, the best restaurant ever. Ttyl people


Nope, those are in Tennessee.

Okay, ttyl