KayKat's topic ~ I wasn't made to be perfect, I was made to be human



I really do love your art. I started drawing a turkey a few days ago. I really like the body…but the feathers…cringe


aw, thx sm. <333 I love your projects. ahh I need to see it!! Post it on Thursday/ thanksgiving. it’ll be seasonal. XDD


Eh…I’ll try. I’m more focused on coding a Thanksgiving project.


ooh I can’t wait to see it :DD


Are you going to draw anything?


probably. I didn’t, which I regret since it’s my second favorite holiday, draw anything for Halloween, but I’ll try for thanksgiving.


You drew that thing on Frame Cast…


oh ya, that’s right. :333 but not on HS. I need to check FC…


I keep the people I follow to a low number, but my activity is always full.


Lol I rarely post, so don’t worry about me. My activity is mostly FoodyPlanet and GummyBunny. How about yours?


Mine is mostly ilovetoanimate and we2fd


ohh I was thinking of HS.
But cool. :333 On FC I get like 30-90+ notifications a day. :000 just from other artists


Oh, HS…mine is a lot of people rn…everybody must check rising. Dylan is almost always in my activity…and has for a while. Kay Kat is no where to be found in the past 2 weeks.


I’m still so proud of your rising, Sophia.
Lol mines not the most active activity, but I get like 10 new projects per day.


I gtg Sophia. byeee. Luv ya, chat tomorrow?


Thank you. I was shocked.

I put so much more effort into my Thanksgiving project last year than I did this year.


Bye. Ttyl. Yes, I’ll be on tomorrow…or at least that’s the plan.


I will watch you fall in love with these characters and then I will watch you cry when they all die and then we can fangirl because one of the ships in Divergent is so cute it I should literally impossible not to love watching them fall in love


Sophia… if I had all day to sit in front of my device and talk to you, I would. I’ve just been busy. Right now I am on thanksgiving break, but after school today I had debate class and homework and then I needed to pack because my family and I are going on this mini road trip about four hours to our house and we arrived about an hour ago, and this has literally been my only free time all day, and I’m sorry but there’s nothing I can do and there’s nothing you can do and it’s not your fault.


I guess that’s partly true.

Didn’t you go skiing last year in Thanksgiving?