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I am pretty sure that you have figured out what I believe, but why not: I know that there is a one true God, who created the heavens and the earth. He sent His son to die on the cross for our sins over 2,000 years ago. His son though is Him, which is kind of confusing, but the Nicean Creed says some about it. Although Jesus, God's son, who was born on what we call Christmas, brutally died on the cross as a sinner, He did not stay dead, for 3 days later He rose again (we call that day Easter.) By dying on the cross, Jesus made a way for anyone to enter into heaven after they die if only they trust Him as their personal savior. I believe that we serve a living, loving God, who is full of second chances and will reward us one day in heaven, and who will save us from any situation if only we believe; however, I also believe that we get into heaven after we die only if we trusted God/Jesus as our savior, not by doing good things, and if you don't go to heaven, well, there is a worse place that I am not going to mention the name of. Anyways, this is what I believe. I know some people don't, and I do not want to force anyone to believe this. I just felt led to share all of this, and I have kind of wanted to for a while, but I finally found a time where I could post it and be on topic of the current discussion.


I have coders block....
Anything in particular you want me to code?


I do too. Not really, but whenever you make a game it is a big hit. Anyways, it is an hour and ten minutes past my bedtime. I couldn't go to sleep, so I decided to log in and type that post out on what I believe. Good night.


Notice that I'm really not that good at making games... :sweat_smile:
I prefer trail art and stuff.
My games tend to be my most successful projects, but I'm horrible at coming up with them.


I will give you back your own advice.


Or there is this: http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/the-idea-list-of-your-plausible-doom-out-now/31791?u=sophia71205


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Just wondering and be honest: Did I make you uncomfortable by talking about all that religious stuff? I should have asked this before. Anyways, I won't be offended if you did feel that way.


No, it's okay, really.
I prefer to talk about other things, but it is fine.


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Okay, good. I kind of start talking about religion out of nowhere.
I have been spam liking people.


Hey, @KayKat, I know you have the same problem, but any ideas on what to code?


Um... no....


I don't know that advanced of code. I did just make a walking bear project, but I cannot think of anything to use it in.



I know, but I thought you might have thought of something. IT IS FINALLY THE WEEKEND!!!




Even the best students, who love school, were happy for Friday.


I'm going to go work on some Chinese homework now.