KayKat's topic ~ I wasn't made to be perfect, I was made to be human



Hello peeps.
So I’m making a general topics because 1. I’m bored. 2. Everyone else has them. 3. I felt like it. 4. Sometimes I have questions but I don’t want to make an entire topic about them. And finally, most importantly, 5. :3
You can ask me anything.(as long as it’s appropriate, of course.)
A few things about me:

  1. I love animals. Especially horses and cats
  2. I love to code
  3. I love debating parliamentary
  4. My name is Katie
  5. My hopscotch username is Kay Kat
  6. I like to laugh
  7. I might post art one here every once in a while. I dunno… I’m not a very good artist.
    That’s all I have right now so… Anyone want to talk?

What happened? HELP PLEASE Guys! This is serious! PLEASE HELP! I really need help! I need to get this project done tonight! 👈🏻 🐛









Hallo ;3




Here, use the updated OMTL.


Anybody on? I'm kinda bored now... :expressionless:
By the way... how did all you people saying Hallo get past the 20 character minimum?


k. Well, I'll just be going then...


Hello @KayKat!:grinning: I have one question for you,

Kit Kat bars or Kitty Cats?:chocolate_bar::cat:


If you type this, < bloopbloopieBLOOPBLOOPIE > with out the spaces then you can write a short word.



That's even my lock screen screensaver.



I got featured again. Second time. I'm SUPER happy. :blush: Last time I got featured was my first time, on Halloween.
I think my project has been featured for like, ten minutes, but it has way more likes than before already.






Does anyone want to talk...? Any questions for me? If you ask, I will reply as soon as possible.


Does nobody have questions?
Other general topics are always so active, always bursting with questions, but I can hardly manage to get 1 question...
K... I'll just be going now...


I finally got regular! Yay! I'm super happy but....
What exactly is the "Lounge"? I know it is a topic that only regulars can see, but what is different about that topic? What is it for?
Also, how do you put things on global edit?