KawaiiRose's AMA



Bye, fren! :3

It'll only be for about 15-30 minutes, though. :0


aww ok. I'm going to central park btw :3


Noice! Have fun! :3


tanks! hopefully ill have fun...

are u going anywhere or do u just have to get off forum? not to be all 'parsonal'


No! I'm just eating breakfast. XD


i just ate breakfast lol


Cool! :3

I have to go now bai :0


ok see u in a few :3


can u @ me when ur back plz?


Yeah, sure! :3


tanks again u da best!


I'm back, @KawaiiRose! :3

Here's some donations! :3

  1. Which 5 HSers would you wanna meet in real life?

  2. What do you like coding?

  3. What's your favorite character on HS?

  4. Favorite project? :3


sorry I'm responding late!

  1. @Maltese(you), @Bananadog, @SmileyAlyssa, @PopTart0219, lastly, MagmaPOP!
  2. i like coding backrounds, i don't code much :3
  3. chillana or star girl
  4. ur mothers day project
    i gtg now! bye!


Wow! That makes me feel so special. :D

Thanks so much! :3

And, bai fren! :3


Wow, thanks so much! That means a lot! :D

And bye! XD

Here's a like! :D <3


boi u guys1 i still have 5 more minutes though :3


no thank you! i feel so good right now ! :DD


boi, fren. :3 <3 <3 see u lata


any last post before a leave?


Sorry, I had to feed my dog! :0

I guess you've left by now. See you later! ;-;