KawaiiRose's AMA



Hi hops! Im pretty sure Your thinking "KawaiiRose, its 9:25, why are u doing an AMA now?" Why: because i dont care! Also because Im always going to bed late, and its summer and everyones up at 9:30 at night on their phone or iPad on the forum, not tired at all!

An AMA is Ask Me Anything. Its very similar to a Q&A.
Ot would mean so much to me if you could ask more then 1 question. Im constantly bored. Like, all the time. Ok the rules

dont ask me any personal question like age, where i live,etc.
dont ask anything inappropriate!
Thank you and PLZ ask me more then 1 question(did i already say that)!


How did you find Hopscotch
Do you love Hopscotch
Do you love the new update
How are you

  1. I found hopscotch on the app store at the 9-11 section
  2. I dont love hopscotch, i Love it! :3
  3. Kind of yes kind of no
  4. Im a good :3 kind of tired not too much


Hi! :3

  1. How did you get your username?

  2. Favorite color?

  3. Pizza or pasta? XD

  4. What's your favorite block?

  5. What are you coding rn? :3

  1. from my love of kawaii and roses
  2. purple
  3. omg so hard...XD pasta i guess...BUT I LOVE PIZZA
  4. leave a trail
  5. my KawaiiPad :3


Awesome!1!1!!1!1!!11!! :3

Thank you for answering my questions! :D


no thank you for donating!


lol can't choose too hard


please donate, i have boredomitis, a very bad condition!


This is essential so pls answer thanks

  1. idk why it just came to me...BUT OMG U MADE MMADE MY DAY...U DA BEST! :smile:
you think I'm awesome...



Well, you are! :3


i guess were besties, right?btw ur way more awesome :3

please say yes....please...


Ye! :3

Why not? XD


yas!! btw im not going to be on for 4 days in about 2 weeks :frowning:



That's alright! I'll wait for you to come back after your four days, when it comes to that day. :0


i will miss you so much....


You will? ;u;

That makes me feel really special. :relieved:

Don't worry, it's only 4 days, right? XD



  1. Cats or dogs?

  2. Blue or green?

  3. Grass or sky?

Sorry, I gtg soon and made those up in 3 seconds. XD

  1. dogs
  2. blue
  3. grass