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Hallooooo! Dis is my General topic. Feel free to give feedback. This is where I will post all my progress on projects and give some updates. I hope you have fun

I hope you like dis topic
Post as much as you want

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what should I publish more

  • trail art
  • pixel art
  • drawings


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I am YSA Creations


Be kind
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I know I have another one but no one posted.

Tagging my favorite HS peeps:

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What is your favorite project on hopscotch?


I like @SmilingSnowflakes pixel art turtle and @smishsmash's pug.
I laik pix too




I am working on pixel art




gices potatoes and chakin


What are you making on Hopscotch?


Oh yeah, isn't that Jerry? XD


Pixel art! See above ^^^^
Hiya @pingu and @PixelMaster64


Yus, yus it is


Hi! I like your profile picture


I like yours as well. Did you know I made my profile picture in pixel art? You can check it out if you want.


I drew mine! I like the pixel art


Hi! @Giraffedolphin26! @KVj @PixelMaster64. I am working on a fruit catch thing! See:


Cool! Looks good so far :thumbsup:


Thank you!

That looks amazing!!! @Kawaii_Lover :D


That looks awesome! :D


Hallo! @Maltese and @pingu. I never found. The spider in my haws


Hi! @Kvj! I made some burgers. @SmilingSnowflakes do you like them