Kawaiihotdog art club! Join Here!


It's actually never too late to join! Anyone can join whenever they want to!


I've already seen you're art before you're in!



Thank you!


I did the challenge! I actually drew a this a little while ago, is it okay if I use it?


Ya it's okay! And i can't see the drawing,it's been uploading for a long time.



Show me ur art I want 2 see


Style/styles of art: I don't actually have a style. I just draw freely.
How would you rate your art: .... 3
How often are you on: I have middle school but I will try to be on
Will you participate: yes
will you inform me when you can't do a challenge: yes


Can you see it now?


Yes i can, And now i have two carrot girl entries! Dats kool!


Yes you can join @Sweetlina


OMG, really?

Edit: @KawaiiHotDog I didn't even realize @TheDrawer had done a carrot girl. I'm so sorry. I promise, didn't copy your idea. I can redo mine if you want.


Oh no, dont be sorry. Don't even apologize :D

That actually happens to me a lot XD

Again I don't mind, and I know you didn't look at it and even if you did I wouldn't really care :D

Please don't re do yours ;-; I love your entry! :D


Thank you for the complement!

And I love yours too!

Just wanted to ask because some people get really upset over those things!


No problem, I love it!

Thanks! :D

And yup, but I don't get upset about those things! :D


Hello @TheDrawer, @Maltese, @LollipopCat, @allysaurus.rex, @BerryFOX,@princessbunny1, @Mr.rex,@Sweater,and @Silver_girl! Here are the contest winners!

1st place:@allysaurus.rex!Your entry was applause worthy! I saved it!

2nd place:@TheDrawer! The coloring was amazing! It made me cry tears of joy!

3rd place:@Sweater! I loved your drawing! The coloring was on point and it was so creative!


Cool! Sorry that I couldn't do this.


Oh its completley fine! These are just challenges,not mandatory drawing contests!


Ok... So what challenge is next? (I'm gonna do better this time!)


In between each challenge, i give yall a break, on week, the next challenge will be up next week.


K... That's fine.... But ur still doing activities, right?


Yes i am.