Kawaiihotdog art club! Join Here!


So, what now? Who one?


I want to enter, so here is my form...?


Sorry, typo. Who WON


@allysaurus.rex You're In! please do the challenge


could i be in @KawaiiHotDog


please let me in @KawaiiHotDog


You are in @PrincessBunny1 !Please do the challenge


@KawaiiHotDog what is the challenge i dont know


The first art challenge iss...............Draw a food as an animal/human (either one)! The winners will be announced on December 30-January 8 (because i might be late) Ask me any questions. Have Fun!


Could you show me an example of one


Scroll up through the topic to see it.


Hello @TheDrawer, @Maltese, @Silver_girl, @Mr.rex, @BerryFOX and @PrincessBunny1! Is everybody ready for me to post the winners? Please reply if you haven't finished.


Oh my gosh, I still haven't done this. D: and I have three requests to do..

Is it okay if I don't do this?


Me too, I still have 2 requests to do,, and I'm very busy in general.

I promise I'll do the next one! :D


Yeah it's totally fine! I'm not the person who kicks someone out of the club for missing three challenges. I always frowned at that on the forum. You still have until january 5th! @Maltese


Yes it's completely fine! You still have until january fifth


Oh,, I do?!

In that case,, I'll probably get it finished!!

Nvm :DDD


I didn't color it, but um
Cupcake as a person?


I love it! I like your art style.


Um, Am I too late to join @KawaiiHotDog?
Because it's still January 3rd.
It's ok if I can't.