Kawaiihotdog art club! Join Here!


You are really good at art! And you're in!


Gracias, but I'm not XD anyways when are you going to post the challenge? :D


Right now actually! sry for late reply


Hello @TheDrawer, @Maltese, @Silver_girl, @Mr.rex, and @BerryFOX! The first art challenge iss...............Draw a food as an animal/human (either one)! The winners will be announced on December 30-January 8 (because i might be late) Ask me any questions. Have Fun!



I'll get started as soon as possible :D

digital or paper?


You can choose! I also might do it for fun!


Okay! :D


I'm better on paper, but I like digital :D

Great! I can't wait to see how yours looks!


Notice i said i MIGHT do it. Only if i have time.


Oh geez I didn't read the post that well, then. XD

IF you do it, I can't wait to see how it looks!


AAH @WasIdealessHere Halp! i hate explaining my math! I need halp!What else do i write?


The first question? Okay, let's start.
I'll solve this as your freebie.

If Vijay has 4 hours of music, then we can start by converting 4 hours into minutes. 1 hour is 60 minutes, so 4 hours is 60 times 4. That's 240. Now if it says that jazz takes up 1/6 of those 240 minutes, then we need to divide by the denomerator. 240 divided by 6 is 40. Jazz takes up 40 minutes on Vijay's iPod.

To check, do 40 times 6.


OMIGOD THANK YOU I GOT 24! (question:are you on the unit on multiplying fractions?) And i also need halp on the explaining part


I'm in percentages. XD


oh but did you already do multiplying fractions? (i also need halp on da explaining part)


Just say that you started by converting hours to minutes, then you divided by the denumerator since it was a whole number.




i also need halp on da explaining part (sry if i'm asking too much i just never listen in class) oh wait u already did i'm d u m b


i really hope i get this right


It's fine!

I am in advanced math in my grade though, so if I sound like a professor, tell me to simplify things. XD