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Yeah, it says they’re animals… Look:


Oh XD I thought they were those few cell life forms XD thanks :D


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Ur welcome. And they are pretty small..... @KawaiiHotDog, do prehistoric creatures and marine life count? Cause a Wiwaxia is a prehistoric marine arthropod-like animal. Also, i like Wiwaxias too, but I'm more of an Opabinia person.

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Um a cherry mouse ?


Ya, thanks again. I hope they count XD yup, I really wish they weren't extinct ;-;
Really I never knew someone who liked wiwaxia(s) or Opabinia XD

That is sooooo cute!

Well, if they were alive, you probably wouldn't notice them anyways cause they're SOOOO DAAANG SMAAAAALLLL

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Ya ;-;-;-;-;-; dang it

Also, if I search “Opabinia” on HS, I only find projects that I made like this trail art:

And if I search “wiwaxia” I only find this project called no matches:


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Really lol
I should make one XD but I'm horrible at trail art so... Ya

I can try to make wiwaxia trail art, but Opabinia took me forever.... Be right back I'm gonna try and make wiwaxia trail art then how about a Cambrian club?

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Really nice! :D I can't wait to see it XD
Ya we should but I might not be active a lot ;-;

And..... ta-da!

(I cheated a little using a bead as the body) now u will find something when u search "wiwaxia"!


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Yayyayayya it looks amazing :000000
Really nice :D


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No prob! :D
It really does look wondertastic


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Look at this This is bad ![|669x499](upload://bE2wERWcGZKUwzjsh7PDid0cGNO.JPG)
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