Kawaiihotdog art club! Join Here!


So... I don't have hopscotch because i have a school ipad. So this will be a forum art club. Fill out the entry form and i will tell you if you get in. This will close on January 3rd. The first challenge will be up next week. Have fun!
Style/styles of art:
How would you rate your art:
How often are you on:
Will you participate:
will you inform me when you can't do a challenge:
Be nice
No bad sportsmanship
No flame wars


Style/styles of art: I have a cute chibi style and I also have my own style that doesn't really fit into a category XD

How would you rate your art: Uhh... 3?

How often are you on: All the time!

Will you participate: If I'm not busy :D

will you inform me when you can't do a challenge: Sure!




you're in @BerryFOX!!


you're in @Maltese !


Can I plz join? Plzzzzzzz


you're in @Silver_girl!


Thxs by the way I only draw on paper or trail art draw.


that is okay!! same here!


Is there anything you want me to do or any project you want me to make?



Wait, wait, wait...



uhhh sure! draw a person with brown hair, tan skin, wavy hair, green eyes


Short or long hair and full body or half


full body medium hair. i want to see what you will do with the other details!


Sorry I can only do half body for now I'm still learungn ( learning, XD ) full body.


Yeah! Why, should it be a 2?



You are such an amazing artist! Have some confidence in yourself!


Style: I dunno maybe cartoony but kinda bad....
How would I rate my art: um... ^
How often am I on: like, 3-5 days a week usually
Will I participate: I'll try but my art isn't the best
Will I inform you when I can't do a challenge: i guess unless I forget

I will follow rules promise or at least try


@mr.rex you are in!