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I really need to stop drawing on meh homework!


Same… I'm 15 bagillion times better at drawing on paper than I am on iPad.


I'm jumping up and down with happiness right now!


This was drawn by @TheCorgiKing! The black is on it because that had @TheCorgiKing and my names on it.


I AM SO ANGRY AT SOMEONE RIGHT NOW! So, I just posted that picture of me, and then she just said, "OMG! TheCorgiKing, KawaiiCupcake is drawing you!". And then every was just giggling. I HATE HER (for now)!


I has to get up at 5:00! Then, we leave the hotel at 7:00. Lastly, we have to wait at the airport or for two or three hours. I will be inactive because I can't bring my iPad. I will trying to use my mom or dad's phone!


WHAT IS HAPPENING??? Suddenly, Hito has liked ALL of meh projects and followed meh! Also, SereneShowers and HappyCat have liked meh "#EggButton" project! OOOOMMMGGG! I am literally dancing with HAPPINESSS! Now, if only Hito would like meh projects on da forum too...


Congratulations!!!! I'm happy for you!!!

( I know you are capable of feeling happy for yourself, so I guess that I'm trying to say that I'm happy that that happened.)


I AM DYING OF BOREDOM! So, our school is doing The Little Mermaid as our play, and we have to rehearsals for, like, 3 or 5 hours a day. Today, we are rehearsing from 1:30 to 6:00! We have about 15 minutes for break, but still. That's 4 hours and 15 minutes! Even worse, we have been working on this one song for AN HOUR AND A HALF! I AM ABOUT TO DIE! Does anyone want to chat or something? Anything to help me of my boredom!


Play rehearsal is boring


We should do something different


OMG! YEEES! But, after this song, we are doing ANOTHER song that we are not in.


Also, I'm very confused on what's going on right now. I think that the script was much clearer in what happened than this, even though the same exact things are said and done.


I'm gonna try to sleep... Bai...




People's on stage, BE. QUIET. Do either a different song or let me go home early.


I'm sorry. That was random