KawaiiCupcake's Topic!


Hai! This is meh general topic! I will be posting random things. Feel free to write stuff on here! Check out @TheCorgiKing! ( ^ω^ )


Hai! How are ya? Have you done anything on the Collab account?


Howdy, I'm Nemo. (I'm not a fish. I'm just named after one.)


Not really... I think you should publish the city thing again so it doesn't say "Remix" after it!


IDK what I'm doing…


This is SOOO cute! Ah, I'm dying of cuteness.


You are welcome. Also if your reading this, yes this is a random topic.


You need to stop laughing! Earthquack... all I needed was the "e". EARTHQUACK!


-_- mai face irl tho…


Eh. I think it was more like this: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


TO EVERYONE WHO IS READING THIS: I know this topic is really strange! @TheCorgiKing and I were talking about random things! The funny thing is that we were sitting right next to eachother, and we decided to talk on the Forum...


Awesome! I don't think we've met before. I'm Dude73, but I guess a lot of people prefer to call me Dudey. :D

Are are on HS?


Nice to meet you! Yes, I'm on Hopscotch as KawaiiCupcake!


Ugh, I'm at Film Club! I'm not in any of scenes (only one). I just do my homework. SAVE ME! ( ̄^ ̄)




Awesome! :D


WHERE IS DA SNOW? It was supposed to snow! Why is there school? (ò_óˇ)


We don't have school lewl


Hi KawaiiCupcake!!!!!


Hai! Do you have any questions about the Forum?